From San Carlos to Alamos

Friday, April 7th  –  Colonial City of Alamos

The Deer Dancer

Today was a rather blah day after the thrilling dolphin adventure from the day before.  

Primarily a travel day, spending most of the time on the bus once again. Short photo stop to see the Deer Dancer statue then on to Wal-Mart for a chance to grab some snacks and wine.

Lunch was in a private residence that was lovely.

Private home where we had lunch

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Our group is split into two different hotels in Alamos. We got the Mansion where the majority of the group got the old convent.

Our room – very traditional decor. Warm and functional.

I think our part of the group got the short end of the stick this time around, but we are still comfortable and cozy.

Relaxing a bit before a walk to the central plaza followed with happy hour

Alamos is a quaint old silver town. We walked the couple blocks to the main town square and it sure reminded us of our many trips to Guatemala, especially staying in Antigua. We have a 2.5 hour walking tour to explore further in the morning.

Side street in Alamos

Some of the offerings along the street at the central plaza.

Our dinner this evening was a drawn out affair with an hour cocktail party with mariachi band, then an hour dinner of carrot soup, followed by the main course of stuffed chili relleno, rice and cold slaw. Dessert was a combo flan and chocolate cake.

After dinner another band played and sang for us. We all managed to get pulled onto the dance floor at one time or another. We finished the night off with a conga line and much laughter.

Overnight: Alamos

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful that our group is fun-loving and that everyone seemed comfortable to check their silly pride at the door, and danced as if we had even a tiny bit of rhythm, which in all honesty we had very little. Oh well, we had fun in spite of ourselves.

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About Tim and Joanne Joseph

Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our latest adventure. We hope you will join us!
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7 Responses to From San Carlos to Alamos

  1. joylennick says:

    It all sounds like great fun. Fellow-travellers must make a difference if they’re not ‘stuffy’! I enjoy all your photographs. Afraid our long-distance travels are over – but not in our heads!! Husband now nearly 89 and I’m nudging 85. We’re still very active and have travelled a lot in the past. Plenty of local travel in Spain where we live (Madrid too last year) and we fly yearly to the UK. Reading and writing keeps the cogs turning nicely…Wishing you continued joyful, interesting adventures Great for YOUR golden years…Best wishes. Joy xx.


  2. Jessica says:

    That sounds really fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tippysmom2 says:

    Even though it was blah in comparison to the dolphins, it sounds like a good day. I’m glad everyone checked their pride at the door and had a good time instead of being a wet blanket.


  4. Always like the guys who grow horns out of their heads and shake rattles. 🙂 –Curt

    Liked by 1 person

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