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What’s Our Story? ~ The Travel Part…

We have been blogging and documenting most of our travels for the past ten years. Our fabulous “family” of subscribers has continued to grow and there are many who are new and may not know how our travel journey began.

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Our Travel Plans for 2023 – So Far!

When I wrote that we were getting back up on the horse, I probably should have said that we had placed one boot in the stirrup. Compared to years past, 2023 is getting off to a slow start. BUT, the … Continue reading

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Getty Villa Museum ~ Like taking a trip to Italy, no passport required!

When we travel, one of my favorite things to visit is the top museum in the area, city or county. What I have found repeatedly on our tours is that not enough time is allotted to do justice to the … Continue reading

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Getting Back Up on the Horse (Metaphorically Speaking)

Greetings to our travel friends and those of you who have so kindly followed our adventures over the years. We want to acknowledge that this has been a challenging time for so many of you. Our sincere wish is that … Continue reading

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21 Spectacular Sets of Steps, Stairs, Staircases and Stairways: They all lead somewhere

Wat Kaew Temple (Wat Kaewkorawaram), Thailand

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29 Fabulous and Fascinating Fountains From Faraway Places

“A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles.” ~ Washington Irving Most cities around the world have a main square. You will find a church or cathedral along one side, and sometimes a government … Continue reading

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18 Magnificent and Unique Waterfalls From Around the World

Waterfalls come in many different types including plunge, tier, horsetail, block, cascade, punchbowl and fan.  1. Geiranger, Norway Cruising through the fjords in Norway after spending part of the day in Geiranger, we had this waterfall pointed out to us. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Places Still On My Bucket List

Let me start out by saying I feel so fortunate and blessed that we have had the opportunity to see as much of this incredible planet as we have. I get overwhelmed sometimes when I think back on places we … Continue reading

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30 Remarkable Bridges From Around the World

What makes a bridge remarkable? Well in some cases, it is simply because it is famous, beautiful or unique. But in other cases it is due to the location, purpose, size or design. All of these bridges we have walked … Continue reading

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Cemetery Pictures and Burial Practices From Around the World

I have often been fascinated by the wide range of burial customs we have seen while traveling around the world. Each different culture, country or religion has their own way of paying tribute to or memorializing their departed. Here are … Continue reading

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