Ecuador Is Right Around The Corner

October 18th ~ Southern California

Sunshine is streaming through the windows here in our mountain hideaway. After being back in Southern California for two months, I’m becoming more and more acclimated to being sedentary. As much as I used to chomp at the bit to get on to our next travel adventure, I am slowly transforming to a home body. Not an easy admission for this global wanderer.

Rather amusing for me to be mulling over this transition, as today I am spending the hours completing multiple loads of laundry as I begin the sorting, choosing a wardrobe, and packing for our next trip.  Continue reading

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Project Linus ~ A Gift to be Treasured

October, 2016

Have you heard about Project Linus?

Fabric for blankets

Fabric for blankets

About a year ago, my friend Wendy introduced me to this loving project that was inspired by an article in Parade Magazine back in 1995, about Laura, a petite three-year old girl who was battling the horrors of Leukemia. In the write-up, her mother mentioned how a special “blankie” had accompanied her daughter to the hospital throughout two years of treatments. It had helped comfort little Laura while undergoing the pain and suffering that often accompanies chemotherapy.  Continue reading

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Home And Enduring Friendships Are Where The Heart Is…

August ~ Southern California and Southern Oregon


Monkey business with long-time friends, Cheryl, Karen & Joanne

As much as we love to travel, sometimes there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME! It has felt so good to be back in Southern California, spend some time with friends and family, get myself put back together a little, and take care of a few things that just can’t easily be done while on the road.

Since this blog was created originally as a memory tool for me (kind of combo written and photo journal), I want to fill in a few blanks of how we spend our time when not on the road to where ever.  Continue reading

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Amsterdam ~ Canals, Van Gogh, Cheese and Windmills of Zaandam

August 8th ~ Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Zaandam under threatening skies

Did you know that Amsterdam is a conurbation? Well, I learned one more term today. In case you too need a little help with that one, it means that she is: Continue reading

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Cologne ~ From the Magnificent Cathedral to a Chocolate Factory

August 7th ~ Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany

Cologne is a big city metropolis compared to the smaller bergs we have been visiting. It ranks number 4 in size in Germany with a population of around one million inhabitants, behind Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

At a strategic position and German military base during World War II, it was almost completely destroyed by RAF bombs, and 95% of the city fled. Due to the postwar rebuilding efforts, this city is an amalgamation of restored historic buildings right next door to modern complexes.  Continue reading

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Koblenz, German Corner, Marksburg Castle

August 6th ~ Koblenz, Germany

View of Koblenz and Rhine River taken from Marksburg Castle

View of Koblenz and Rhine River taken from Marksburg Castle

Koblenz, also spelled Coblenz, is located right on the confluence (junction) of the Moselle and Rhine Rivers in the western part of Germany. We had cruised right past this city in the middle of the night several days earlier.

TRIVIA MOMENT: Koblenz is a sister city with Austin, Texas.

Continue reading

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Bernkastel-Kues, Germany ~ Charming Old Town, Fabulous Riesling, Low Bridges

August 5th ~ Bernkastel-Kues, Germany 

Old Town Bernkastel-Kues

Old Town Bernkastel-Kues

The town in its current form came into being on 1 April 1905 through the merger of the town of Bernkastel with the winemaking village of Kues across the river. Located in the Moselle Valley, this charming town screams traditional German culture.  Well known for their wine, the Riesling is a stand out.  Continue reading

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Trier, Germany ~ Two Churches Being Connected Was Most Unusual

August 4th ~ Trier, Germany

Along the Moselle River

Along the Moselle River

The ship had overnighted in Trier, so first thing this morning we headed out for a walking tour of the town. Once again the skies had opened up and we had a wet greeting, but umbrella in hand, we were not to be deterred this time.  Continue reading

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LUXEMBOURG ~ What I Took Away From Visiting This Tiny Nation

August 3rd ~ Luxembourg

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City

Our morning was spent cruising along the Moselle River. Some enjoyed spa treatments or attended a mid-morning demonstration on how to make Apple Strudel put on by our Pastry Chef Alex and Executive Chef Ioan.

Tim and I chose to relax, visit with some of our fellow passengers, enjoy the passing scenery and had an early lunch.  Continue reading

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Cochem ~ On the Moselle River, Rainy Weather and Celebrating Tim’s Birthday

Cochem ~ August 2nd (Celebrating Tim’s Birthday!!!!)

Happy Birthday Tim!

Happy Birthday Tim!

During the night, we left the Rhine River, took a left turn and have started cruising up the Moselle River. The Moselle is noticeably more narrow than the Rhine and you get the impression you could walk to shore from the center of the river.  Continue reading

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