Dolphins and Rainbow Pearls

Thursday, April 6th – Cruise on the Sea of Cortez, San Carlos, Mexico

San Carlos Harbor

What a FABULOUS day!

Starting out bright and early for a private scenic cruise on the Sea of Cortez became a highlight adventure. First of all the sea was smooth as glass, no wind, bright sunshine, and warm temperature – truly one of the Chamber of Commerce Days where it could not have been any nicer.  

Our captain mentioned there were a few seats on the “pointy end” of the boat. I knew immediately that we were speaking the same language…

The water was smooth as glass

Just that part alone, riding up on the bow was thrilling enough, but NOOOOO, we were just getting started.

Tim and Joanne enjoying the “pointy end” of the boat.

Some familiar birds and a couple new ones were spotted and pointed out to us, including cormorants, pelicans, blue heron, oyster eaters, and even both blue and brown footed boobies. One island in particular was deemed a nursery where nests and babies were in abundance.

Many nests and some babies spotted on this island

Even fun rock formations were named and pointed out. If you look carefully at the picture below, you can see a large crack in the stone. The locals are concerned that in a significant earthquake that the Indian will lose its face.

One of several rock formations. Can you see the face?

But folks, the fun part was still to come.

Dick and Tim soaking up some sun

Horns on the front of the boat

Joanne and Karen are sitting on the very front of the boat dangling our feet off the side…


I know, I know, I know – many people have seen dolphins in the wild, but let me tell you there is not much that is as fun as watching them only a few inches away from you, skimming through the water at your feet, spinning, leaping, and playing. They were having so much fun zipping along, just in front of us, showing off.

I know I was screaming, laughing, clapping, giggling and more as I snapped away, shot after shot.

Up for air

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At one point there were six of them following the boat, leaping through the wake, entertaining the group as if they were being paid. I would have gladly done so!

Had to leave my shoe in this shot so you could see how close I was

After they lead for a while, they dropped back and played in the wake of the boat, jumping and splashing.

Playing in the wake of the boat

Leaping right beside us

Then after a few minutes they returned to the front of the boat to lead us again for a while. Tim shot a short video to give you a glimpse into what the action and our whooping and hollering was all about.

Seeing sea lions afterwards was rather unit-climatic, lol.

HaHa, this was about all we saw of the sea lions.

Next stop was at the Guaymas Pearl Farm, the first cultured pearl farm in the Americas, and an ongoing research facility of pearl producing oysters. They are the ONLY place where rainbow pearls are produced.

We got a wonderful and in-depth explanation of how the oysters are grown, farmed, protected, pearl seeds inserted and then grown and harvested. It was a much more intricate and labor intensive process than I had realized.

Afterwards we visited the showroom and I found both a necklace and matching earrings that I thought were unique and something I would both wear and enjoy. The rainbow pearls also change shades depending upon the surrounding light and what clothing you are wearing.

Rainbow pearl earrings and necklace

Set in silver, we decided they would be a perfect gift to celebrate our 25th anniversary which is the 24th of this month.

Lunch at Charley’s Rock.

Another perfect setting as we ate lunch

Our afternoon was free to relax at the pool, suntan on the beach, shop, or enjoy a margarita overlooking the boats in the harbor or a secluded beach cove.

Ahhh, the good life

Dick and Karen

We opted not to take the optional dinner and show this evening offered by Gate 1, and instead had dinner at Tortuga’s, just a block from the hotel. So glad we did as the food was fresh, flavorful, beautifully presented and the best meal we have had so far on this trip.

This is only 1/2 of the salad. Tim and I shared a meal and they split it for us.

Sea Bass could not have been fresher. Delish!

San Carlos had never even crossed my field of vision when searching for places to visit. What a find – truly a hidden gem. We loved every moment here and are now seriously contemplating if we want to return to spend a couple of weeks next year. Who knows, there are a lot of places yet to be discovered, but San Carlos is well worth adding to your travel list.

The only downside we experienced was the afternoon winds which were blustery both afternoons, and the hotel is in the middle of remodeling their lobby which was only a minor inconvenience.

Overnight: San Carlos

GRATITUDE MOMENT: On a personal note, I have to say that we are missing our long time travel companions Jan and Gary, who under normal circumstances would have been with us on this trip. What I am grateful for is that today Jan has completed her FINAL cancer radiation treatment. Jan and Gary, we send our love, and invite any and all of our friends and followers to send prayers your way for continued strength and healing.

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About Tim and Joanne Joseph

Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our latest adventure. We hope you will join us!
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34 Responses to Dolphins and Rainbow Pearls

  1. Bernadette says:

    Beautiful post and I love the term “chamber of commerce day”.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip!


  3. Jet Eliot says:

    Thanks for sharing this delightful adventure~~


  4. tippysmom2 says:

    That looks like so much fun! I would have whooped and hollered at the dolphin playing at my feet too! I love how they seem to enjoy interacting with humans. Looks like a great trip so far. Looking forward to the next installment. Prayers for Jan and her family.


  5. That must have been so exciting with the dolphins! And you got some great shots. Your earrings and necklace are beautiful.


    • Thank you Allison. I’m proudly showing my new jewelry off today. They will be a special keepsake from our trip as well as an anniversary gift. I’m a lucky lady! I was pretty excited about a couple of the shots, but I think my favorites were the ones Tim took of me sitting on the bow, arm wrapped around a post so I would not fall in, holding my hat with one hand, snapping pictures with the other hand, and having dolphins at my feet. Such a thrill!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Terry says:

    My what a wonderful day, glad you still have your shoes. You had the perfect spot to see the dolphins. I am so jealous. Have a great time. Great photos and video.


  7. Trish Hatcher says:



  8. I stumbled upon your blog again and find you in my neighborhood. I’m living in Loreto, BCS, MX on the Sea of Cortez. We have the friendliest dolphins in the world. I think they know that they live in the Mexican “National Aquarium”. Salud, Tracey


  9. corkscot says:

    Ir is great to live vicariously through the vacations of other people. Thanks for taking me along.


  10. Jackie says:

    Looks like your trip is staring out with some amazing things to see, buy and eat😊


  11. lorigreer says:

    Wonderful scenery, heartwarming post. So happy for you! Enjoy!!


  12. I had not heard of San Carlos. Looks like a great place, and what a beautiful dolphin encounter.


  13. curvyroads says:

    What a lovely and detailed report! Thanks for sharing a wonderful destination with us 😎


  14. Merrill says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve been thinking we ought to research someplace closer to home for extended stays and have been contemplating Mexico. We already love the food, so I’m putting San Carlos on the list.


  15. Travel Happy says:

    Such a delight to see these pics! Will also include Jan in my family’s prayer tonight. Regards from the other side of your world, Singapore.
    – Amor


    • Weren’t those dolphins fun to watch! I still smile when I think of us hanging over the bow and looking right into a curious eye as we flew across the water. My sincere appreciation for including Jan in your prayers. By the way, Singapore is one of our favorites. Such a clean and beautiful pace and the gardens are spectacular.


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