Salmon River Scenic Byway to Stanley, Idaho

September 4th ~ Salmon River Scenic Byway

Salmon River Scenic Byway – Sawtooth Mountains in background

*Our camp at Wagonhammer Campground (North Fork, ID) was lovely with our site right on the water.  

The Salmon River runs right beside Wagonhammer Campground

By the time we pulled out on the morning of the 4th, we had the place to ourselves. There is definitely a plus to traveling after Labor Day weekend.

Practically a ghost town the day after Labor Day

Salmon River Scenic Byway – Following US Highway 93 from North Fork, Idaho through Salmon and on to Challis, where we turned onto Idaho State Highway 75.

Map of Salmon River Scenic Byway

Salmon River Scenic Byway

On the drive, we experienced another picture postcard day; gifted with a variety of stunning scenery, blue skies, warm weather, and empty roads.

Salmon River

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This area is renowned for fly fishing, white water rafting, hiking, kayaking and simply enjoying the natural beauty.

Along the way we crossed the 45th parallel which is halfway between the Equator and the North Pole.

Catching up with Jan and Mark (my sister and brother-in-law), we took a few minutes to admire the Salmon River that we had been following for most of the day.

Mark and Jan

And the journey continues…

Coming next: Stanley, Idaho ~ Redfish Lake and Stanley Lake

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful that our skies are no longer smoke-filled and that we can more fully appreciate the beauty of Idaho.

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About Tim and Joanne Joseph

Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our latest adventure. We hope you will join us!
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14 Responses to Salmon River Scenic Byway to Stanley, Idaho

  1. Roger Towell says:

    I’m so glad you too are enjoying yourself 🙂


  2. Mike Alesko says:

    Great country up there…..


  3. Maha Valerie says:

    *sigh* It’s bittersweet to see the wonder of your RV journeys. Some of my most special memories are my extended trips in my vintage Toyota Dolphin Class C RV. Adventure on Joanne and Tim!


  4. puddle-jumper says:

    Looks beautiful! I hope I can do the same as you guys one day 🙂


  5. Shannon Landis says:

    Stanley is one of Laura’s favorite places in Idaho.


  6. The River of No Return Wilderness and Lost Trail Pass seem to indicate some traumatic events in this area’s past – I’m glad your time there was so idyllic


  7. Greg says:

    Love the post. It is a beautiful road. Thanks for the great pictures!


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