Kathmandu, Nepal ~ My heart goes out to you today

It was just a year ago that Tim and I visited Kathmandu. Today I am grieved to learn of a massive earthquake that has devastated the area. As of last count over 1400 have lost their lives and the count is expected to rise. It is being reported that much of the historic UNESCO site of Durban Square had been demolished.

I wrote a brief (for me) blog entry last year and at the time intended to go back through my many pictures and try to give more justice to this deserving destination. Click here to see my initial post and pictures.

I want to remember this area as we experienced it. I know that some of you have also visited Nepal and join me in prayers for the families who have lost so much. Priceless structures, religious icons, and historical sites are now destroyed and can not be replaced.

But mostly it is the people who I am heartbroken about and for. They were kind, warm and welcoming to us, eager to share their story, or simply sit beside you to spend time enjoying the day.

For those of you who have never had the opportunity to visit Kathmandu, I hope that my pictures below will give you a small look into some that has been lost to the world today.

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Gratitude Moment: Today I am grateful that I had the great privilege of seeing this beautiful city and historical site before it was hit with this massive destruction. Kathmandu and all of Nepal, you are in our hearts and prayers as you move forward. May you find strength and friendship in the International community who wish you comfort at this time.

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17 Responses to Kathmandu, Nepal ~ My heart goes out to you today

  1. Shoshana Magdieli says:

    So so sad! Are you organizing a charity that we can help them let me knew All the best Shoshana

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  2. c_in_b says:

    Thanks for the like of memories of Nepal , On and off I have checked up on your adventures.

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  3. It’s awful and the news is getting worse by the hour. I visited as a child of eight, both Kathmandu and also Polkhara. It’s a beautiful country.


  4. We have been to Nepal in 2013 and like you, I am infinitely sorry for the people there. We loved their smiles and their gentleness, and since Nepal depends on tourism, I hope very much that people won’t stop visiting just because some temples are gone. The nature is still going to be amazing and the people will still be of the nicest.


  5. robakers says:

    It is easy to sit back to read the news of the natural disaster. It is also easy to think that they will rebuild it but totally different when you have walked in their streets and eaten their food with them. You know firsthand and while I never had the privilege of traveling to Nepal and I thank you for bringing a sense of reality and clarity into my life. We are all one heartbeat away from a tragic event and I too pray for the people whose lives have been overturned in an unimaginable way.

    This is a time where words and pictures do matter. Thank you for the firsthand account and for letting us all know about the wonderful people of Nepal.


    • I appreciate your comments. I was hoping that my pictures might give a little insight as well as meaning to what has been lost for the people of Nepal. And you are right, none of us know what tomorrow may bring. Having lived through a major earthquake, I can affirm that it is a frightening time. And the aftershocks keep you on edge for days.


  6. masgautsen says:

    Such a terrible tragedy!


  7. Yes it is, and the news gets worse every day.


  8. I guess I had never really thought about what Kathmandu and Nepal looked like before the earthquake struck. Your amazing photos have really brought that home. It looks like an amazing city filled with culture and history and character. Hopefully over time their people can rebuild and restore its beauty.


    • Kevin, that is exactly why I chose those pictures. Nepal is not a “common” destination, and many of my friends have not had the opportunity to travel there. I hope you had a chance to see the original post I did that was linked in that blog post as it showed more pictures of the people. And ultimately that is where the real tragedy lies. The people I had the privilege of simply sitting and talking with in Kathmandu were warm, open, and genuinely kind. I continue to pray that they were spared. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.


  9. What happened is terrible, I have no words to match the horror of the situation. I wish I had the chance to visit this wonderful place and meet with these wonderful persons. Thanks for sharing this, you really had the privilege to see it in its former glory.


  10. Gorgeous, beautiful, and colorful photos. The people of Nepal will recover from this terrible tragedy. I can’t wait for tourists to be visiting their again taking photos like the ones you have shared with us. It is an amazing place that has everyone by the heart strings right now. I wish them the best. Thank you for sharing your experience and your concern for them with us.


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