Wyoming and Utah ~ Flaming Gorge Scenic Byway

Thursday, October 9th


Near the Wyoming/Utah border

Having crossed a big portion of Wyoming the day before, we had reached the southwest corner of the state. We stopped in at the Visitors Information Center in Green River to inquire about scenic drives going South. The lady behind the counter immediately recommended that we take 530 down to see the Flaming Gorge Scenic Byway.

We were given a booklet and map with items highlighted in yellow that we “MUST SEE”. 

Map of Flaming Gorge

Map of Flaming Gorge

Between Green River and almost to the Utah border, the scenery continued to be similar to what we had experienced the previous day – a lot of open land, some rocks, and not much else.

Wyoming was looking pretty desolate to me by now

Wyoming was looking pretty desolate to me by now

Just before we reached the Utah border, Wyoming redeemed herself with TREES! The aspen along with a variety unknown to me were glowing bright yellow and I was once again loving the scenery.

Now this is more like it!

Now this is more like it!

Welcome to Utah

Welcome to Utah

I must admit that I am curious about the Utah sign of a ferocious looking dinosaur with the wording “Life Elevated” below it. Hmm, I’m sure there is a story there somewhere…

The land is becoming more fertile and I spot vestiges of wild flowers.

The area that had been most recommended to us was the Sheep Creek Geological Loop.

Rock formations tower above the changing trees

Rock formations tower above the changing trees

Tree shaded dirt roads

Tree shaded dirt roads

Rolls of hay in preparation for winter

Rolls of hay in preparation for winter


Tower Rock

After completing the loop, we headed toward our next stop, but still had some beautiful things to see along the way.


The log fence certainly fits here


The cows finally turned their heads toward me, kind of

Red Canyon Visitors Center was closed for the season, but the views were more than worth the stop. We had the overlook all to ourselves.


View to the West


View to the East

Continuing well past Vernal, to Beaver Utah, it was time to find another hotel. Only one more night on the road before we would be back in Southern California.

Gratitude Moment: Today I am grateful that we are only one long day of driving away from seeing our son for the first time in seven months.

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Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our "next chapter". At a stage in life where traveling the world, taking pictures, and sharing our adventures with friends and family will be our dream come true.
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5 Responses to Wyoming and Utah ~ Flaming Gorge Scenic Byway

  1. Wow… what an amazing landscape!

    If I travel through these roads, I really doubt about reaching the destination before my travel Visa expires 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing these stunning images…


  2. Barb Gorges says:

    I’m glad the cottonwoods, as well as the aspens, in Wyoming were in full color for you!


  3. Yvonne Jasinski says:

    Great pictures! I am in love with Flaming Gorge! It looks you only got a glimpse of it. Go back there if you have a chance when it is warm! For now, I only have few posts in my blog and Flaming Gorge is one of them. If you are in the area next time, I suggest to take a boat into the canyon. One of a kind experience! Check my pictures and you will see why. You will also find my recommendation for lodging.


    • I enjoyed seeing your photos taken on the water. It was so late in the season when we visited that everything was closed and we could only take pictures from on high. Not complaining though, as it was still a beautiful view!


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