Rounding Cape Horn and Dinner at Curtis Stone’s Restaurant “Share”

December 27th ~ At sea

Sailing past Cape Horn

A full day at sea which was briefly broken up as we cruised around Cape Horn, at the tip of South America, which marks where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans come together.

This is another “Cross it off the Bucket List” for many on our cruise, and the daily Princess Patter newspaper compared it to the “Mount Everest of Sailing”.  I must admit it was rather a non-event for me. I did have a little twinge of regret however at being so close to Antarctica and not going there.  Continue reading

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Ushuaia, Argentina ~ Tierra del Fuego

December 26th

Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia, Argentina is a relatively small city, located about as far south as one can go without swimming or living on Antartica. This is the southernmost city in the world and the capital of Tierra del Fuego. Known as “The End of the World”, it sits on a U-shaped harbor in the Beagle Channel, where many an arctic explorer has departed from. Originally populated as a penal colony, today the town is home to over 70,000 full-time residents.  Continue reading

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Punta Arenas, Chile ~ Christmas Day

December 25th ~ Christmas Day

Welcome to Punta Arenas

We are getting into a lovely routine of sleeping in, having a late breakfast or early lunch, then going ashore for an afternoon tour.

This much relaxation might eventually get old, but for now I am loving it.  Continue reading

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Christmas Eve ~ Amalia Glacier and Straight of Magellan

December 24th

Christmas Eve on the Emerald Princess

We have had two full days at sea which meant sleeping in, hours of relaxation, and pretty much bouncing from meal to meal.

Continue reading

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Puerto Montt, Chile

Friday, December 22nd

Puerto Montt, Chile with Emerald Princess in the harbor

Even though the seas were rough, Tim and I slept for twelve hours. We were both exhausted and it was wonderful to just escape into dreamland. Continue reading

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Off the coast of Chile ~ A day at sea

Thursday, December 21st

Sunset at sea

I’m starting to question if there is a black cloud hovering over us on this trip…

Continue reading

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Valparaiso, Chile ~ Graffiti and Street Art

December 20th

Tim and Joanne in Valparaiso, Chile

Meeting up with our newest friends, Mark and Terry at their hotel which conveniently was right around the corner from ours, we waited for our driver/tour leader, Sergio to pick us up at 8:00.

And waited…

Finally at 8:30 he showed up, with an infectious smile, but no explanation for his delay. Things simply move at their own time here in Latin America.  Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile – A Day of Walking Tours

December 19th

Santiago, Chile

Our journey from Los Angeles to Santiago hit a bit of a snag when our flight left Los Angeles an hour late. With the delay, came a misconnection in Peru. The end result was Tim and I sleeping (trying anyway) on a row of chairs at the Lima airport.

Trying to sleep at the Lima, Peru airport

But after a quick email to our hotel, we rescheduled our airport pickup and yesterday afternoon eventually made it safe and sound to our small boutique hotel, Su Merced.  Continue reading

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Brazil Visa – How I Really Screwed Up

December 16th

It wasn’t like this was a last-minute booking. In fact the first part of our South America trip had been in the works for about a year. It includes a 14 day Princess cruise that departs a couple of hour drive outside of Santiago, Chile and terminates in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Several months ago, we made the decision to add-on a couple extra weeks with more time with an Intrepid land tour. It includes a couple extra days in Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls and Rio de Janeiro.  Continue reading

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Thanksgiving in Illinois

November 20 – 28th

Courthouse in the town square in Mattoon, Illinois

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family ties and long-time friends. My roots were in Oregon and Tim grew up in the heart of the country where soy bean and corn fields can be seen for miles. The rich dark soil makes this ideal farming country. It has been three years since we were last here and a visit to Illinois was long overdue.  Continue reading

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