Update on homeless kits and working on some future travel plans

Sunday, November 8th ~ Arrowbear Lake

Sun streams through the windows this morning. Only a few short days ago we embraced a torrential rain followed with a dusting of snow. My mind went immediately to those who were out in the weather. Knowing that the 100 homeless kits we have committed to creating will only be a drop in the bucket, I am both humbled by the amount of support we are getting and an enormous wish that we could do more.

The goal is set to raise $2000 to be able to create 100 lifesaving survival backpacks for the homeless. As of this morning we have received donations totaling $750. We are so grateful to our friends, near and far, who are reaching out to help those in need.

And where will the money go? How will it be used?  Continue reading

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Well, I’ve committed to making 100 kits for the homeless


El Nino is on the way and we are expecting a harsh winter here in Southern California. It is a blessing on one hand, as the past few years have left our land parched. On the other hand, California is home to thousands of homeless.

Our tiny cabin, where we hang out when we are at home is in the San Bernardino Mountains at an elevation of 6000 feet. It can get cold. In fact, deadly cold for anyone with no place to live, no shelter, no roof over their head.


I felt the need to do something to help, and have decided to put together 100 survival/comfort kits to help some of the homeless in our area. That is a pretty big task, but I am up for the challenge.  Continue reading

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Monkey Business


These little guys just kept creeping up in my pictures. Hope you don’t mind that I share a sampling with you…

Continue reading

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Myanmar Market

Push cart and flower stalls

Push cart and flower stalls

What if you were suddenly dropped down inside a culture quite contrasting to your own?

You don’t speak the language, the money is foreign to you, people look and sound different. Everything is colorful, noisy, and fragrant. You see smiling faces painted with a golden powder and foods you do not recognize. It is not overly crowded, yet seems to have a rhythm all its own.

Welcome to the marketplace and back streets of Myanmar…  Continue reading

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Picture of the Day ~ White Temple, Wat Rong Kuhn

White Temple

White Temple (Wat Rong Kuhn)

Chiang Rai, Thailand ~ More a labor of love, than a money-maker, the artist Chalermchai Kositpipat has used his own funds to create this visual masterpiece. This is a place of worship, but also an artistic creation. Instead of the normal multi-colored hues, he chose white which symbolizes the purity of Lord Buddha.  Continue reading

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Picture of the Day ~ Wat Phra That Suthon Mongkhon Khiri

Ordination Hall

Ordination Hall at reclining Buddha monument

This imposing staircase is located in Phrae, Thailand.

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful for differences. Each place we have had the pleasure of visiting has opened our eyes to an ever-changing variety of art, culture, food, money, transportation, vegetation, political and religious ideals, and monuments.

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Faces of the children of Thailand

Children of Thailand

Children of Thailand

It has been almost two years since we explored the highlights of Thailand. It is a mystical country with ancient history. Enormous Buddha statues can be found everywhere, mostly sitting, but some of the largest are reclining. Stupas dot the country and can be pointed and covered in gold, ornate and colorful, or dull and well weathered.

We instantly fell in love with Thailand. All of our senses got a daily workout. Everything was vibrant, alive, moving. But the movement was not frantic, instead it flowed with a rhythm all its own.  Continue reading

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Crater Lake National Park

Welcome to Crater Lake National Park

Welcome to Crater Lake National Park

If ever there was a crown jewel for the state of Oregon, it would have to be Crater Lake.

Crystal clear deep blue water, towering cliffs, a mysterious island in the shape of a wizards cap, rock formations that mimic a castle or phantom ship, surrounded by miles and miles of forested hiking trails.

Having grown up in Oregon, I was fortunate to have visited here several times over the years. Each time is still magical.  Continue reading

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Final Lap of our Road Trip – Columbia River Gorge

View from Vista House (Crowne Point)

View from Vista House (Crowne Point)

Relaxing in our tiny mountain cabin here in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, I am astounded to find myself another year older, but not necessarily another year wiser. I wish I could reverse that last statement – you know, “Another year wiser but not another year older”. Has a better ring to it doesn’t it?

Oh well…  Continue reading

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Where would you turn for help?

Sunday, September 27th

Today I am drifting away from our normal travel related topics to shed some light on a difficult subject.

Most of my friends as well as our family have all been touched by autism, mental illness, blindness, hearing loss or deafness, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, MS, Cerebral Palsy, and/or a variety of other life limiting or challenging handicaps.

When the symptoms start or a diagnosis given, especially if it involves your child, grandchild or someone else dear to you, panic can set in, as well as a need to do everything possible to find a solution, get help, find a cure.  Continue reading

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