Porto ~ Our introduction to Portugal

May 15th ~ Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

This is our first time in Portugal and we find it easy to get around. Arriving a few days ago, we hopped on the metro right at the airport and were able to get within a few blocks of the small apartment we had rented for four days. I will show pictures of our place in the next post. 

We can tell that we are back in Europe with the change in architecture.



It is the tile work on the sides of the buildings that most stands out for me. I don’t know yet if this is unique to Porto, but I suspect we will see it throughout Portugal.

Tile work on the side of buildings is quite common here

Tile work on the side of the buildings is quite common here

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal with a population of 1.4 million. The historic district was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

Within a five-minute walk from our apartment was the Igreja do Carmo Church.

Igreja do Carmo

Igreja do Carmo

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And around another corner is the famous Livraria Lello Bookstore (for Harry Potter fans anyway). There are renovations underway so the exterior was covered, the window blocked and the well-known staircase was encased in scaffolding. We settled for a glimpse…

I'm sure it will be lovely when the refurbishments are completed

I’m sure it will be lovely when the refurbishments are completed

In this same square is the Clerigos Tower (the symbol of the city) and Clerigos Church.

Clerigos Tower

Clerigos Tower


Clerigos Church

Later in the day we took the hop on hop off bus to be able to cover more ground and get an overview of areas other than just walking distance from our flat.

Yellow Bus

Yellow Bus

Porto is dotted with parks and statues and of course, this being a Catholic country, there are churches everywhere.

One of many green belts seen throughout the city

One of many green belts seen throughout the city

Porto sits with the Atlantic Ocean on one side as well as bordering the Douro River. Just across the river is the town of Vila Nova de Gaia. Crossing over one of six bridges, the Luis I Bridge that was designed by a partner of Gustavo Eiffel (of the Eiffel Tower fame), we entered the area best known for port wine.

Crossing on the Luis I Bridge designed by Eiffel

Crossing on the Luis I Bridge designed by Eiffel’s partner

Crossing over the bridge you can see the Cais da Ribeira area

Crossing over the bridge you can see the Cais da Ribeira area

From the other side of the Doura River looking toward Porto

From the other side of the Douro River looking toward Porto

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful for the opportunity to get an overview of this historic city. From the tile work, to the open green belts, to the gothic architecture it has quickly intrigued us.

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Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our latest adventure. We hope you will join us!
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20 Responses to Porto ~ Our introduction to Portugal

  1. moonskittles says:

    Such a beautiful place! Your photos and words have enriched my evening.
    Please enjoy your time!
    Dajena 🙂


  2. Karen says:

    Hi Joanne: Porto looks like a great place for you to have hung out for the last few days. Love the photos! It all looks so cute. Karen

    Sent from Karen’s iPad


  3. Beautiful! You are going to have a wonderful time in Portugal! I don’t know Porto, but have just spent a week in the Alentejo and I am posting. Where are you going?


  4. Porto is a great city!


  5. Rob Day says:

    Looking forward to going there in the next few days! Thanks for pointing out some of your highlights. The tour bus seems a great way to get about.


  6. Be sure to check out Evora if you get close, Joanne. –Curt


  7. javier6695 says:

    Traveled to Portugal several years ago. Visit a wine cellar or two. If you have time also visit Fatima. Warm and frienly


  8. Beautiful pictures!!! I was just there 2 months ago. Across the Clerigos tower there is an incredible crepes place called Hand N Go. Great to eat it as you walk, and everyone kept asking me, “WHERE did you get that?” Loved the library as well! Porto is very unique.


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