On our way to Turkey!

We are all checked in and sitting at the gate waiting for our flight from Los Angeles to Istanbul.

This will be the third Gate 1 tour we have taken.  The most recent was our trip to Thailand last November.  We also took a tour with them a couple of years ago to Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania.  This time Tim and I are traveling with my sister and my brother-in-law.

I will update this site as often as I can while we travel to share some of our pictures and some information about what we are seeing.

Here is a rough idea of our itinerary:

Wednesday – Arrive in Istanbul and transfer to the hotel

Thursday – Istanbul city tour – visit the Blue Mosque, Hippodrome and St Sophia – afternoon free to explore

Friday – Sightseeing in Troy and a drive to Canakkale

Saturday – Visit the Asclepion and drive to Kusadasi

Sunday – Day at leisure in Kusadasi

Monday – Pamukkale Hot Springs, Necropolis and Hieropolis

Tuesday – Travel to Konya

Wednesday – Visit Caravanserai of Sultanhan en route to Cappadocia, Whirling Dervishes Performance

Thursday – Full day tour of Cappadocia

Friday – Ankara, Mausoleum of Kemal Ataturk

Saturday – Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise and Spice Market

Sunday – Flight home

Thanks for following along…

Gratitude Moment:  Today I am grateful to be able to share this trip with my sister

About Tim and Joanne Joseph

Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our latest adventure. We hope you will join us!
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3 Responses to On our way to Turkey!

  1. andthreetogo says:

    We wanted to go to Istanbul so badly when we were traveling in Greece, but the protests were in full effect at that point and we thought it might not be the best idea. I look forward to living through your posts and pictures! Safe travels!


  2. I’m sorry you were not able to get to Istanbul while you were so close. I hope my posts will give you a “taste” of what it is like.


  3. Maha says:


    In the early morning hour,
    just before dawn, lover and beloved wake
    and take a drink of water.

    She asks, “Do you love me or yourself more?
    Really, tell the absolute truth.”

    He says, “There is nothing left of me.
    I’m like a ruby held up to the sunrise.
    Is it still a stone, or a world
    made of redness? It has no resistance
    to sunlight.”

    This is how Hallaj said, I am God,
    and told the truth!

    The ruby and the sunrise are one.
    Be courageous and discipline yourself.

    Completely become hearing and ear,
    and wear this sun-ruby as an earring.

    Work. Keep digging your well.
    Don’t think about getting off from work.
    Water is there somewhere.

    Submit to a daily practice.
    Your loyalty to that
    is a ring on the door.

    Keep knocking, and the joy inside
    will eventually open a window
    and look out to see who’s there.
    — Rumi


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