A day for relaxation and reflection in Krabi Town

Friday, November 29th, Krabi, Thailand

After a lot of go, go, go since arriving in Thailand, we decided to take a day to relax. No planned activity, no tour, just let our day unfold.



To simplify things, we have extended our stay here in Krabi Town.  Our tiny 13 room hotel, Orange Tree House, will remain our home base.  It gives us some basic comforts, but a far cry from any luxury.  The smaller scale does give us a feeling of belonging though and the staff is quick to make us feel comfortable and help with daily planning.

After a late breakfast, we returned to the neighborhood massage salon, “First Lady”, for a one hour foot massage.  Although we were side-by-side, we had two completely different experiences.  A young lady gave me a relaxing massage, where Tim had a young man practice a much harder reflexology push, push, push on him.

First Lady Massage

First Lady Massage

Later we enjoyed a wonderful pizza at “Viva” topped off by Crepe Suzette.  Walking back to our hotel, we spotted a temple one block over that we has not seen earlier.

Wat Kaew Temple (Wat Kaewkorawaram)

Wat Kaew Temple, Krabi Town

Wat Kaew Temple, Krabi Town

Approaching the temple

Approaching the temple

Standing at the entrance we observed three monks sitting on the floor as if waiting for something or someone.  Another monk walked up the stairs towards us and motioned us with his hand an invitation to enter.  Already seated inside was another woman dressed in a white robe and a shaved head which indicated she was the female equivalent of a monk, called a nun.

Inside the temple

Inside the temple

Offered pillows we knelt down behind the monks just as they started to chant.  A few others entered behind us.  For 30 minutes we sat in the middle of some of the most beautiful sounds of chanting, sometimes in unison, sometimes as a response to the leaders chant.  The acoustics were superb as the sound completely surrounded us.

It reminded both of us of one of our most memorable moments when we were lucky enough to sit WITH the choir as they sang in Winchester Abbey, London.  Although this was a much smaller scale, it still created a magical moment for us.

The weekend walking market is now in full swing.  Located right outside of our hotel, we are literally five steps from the entrance.  Primarily food stalls, there are also crafts and artwork items for sale.

A large stage where a variety of different musicians are performing.  Many sound like a poor version of Asian karaoke, but thankfully some talent is sprinkled in.  I believe it goes until midnight.  At the moment someone up there makes fingers on a blackboard sound good.

Tomorrow we have booked a tour to Phi Phi Island (pronounced Pea Pea).  We will get picked up at 8:00, so hoping we will be able to sleep.

As I sit in the lobby writing this entry, the hotel manager and entire family are sitting a few feet from me eating their dinner.  I like the casual atmosphere.  It suites me and I feel at home.

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About Tim and Joanne Joseph

Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our latest adventure. We hope you will join us!
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4 Responses to A day for relaxation and reflection in Krabi Town

  1. Penny says:

    Sounds like you are really enjoying Thailand. I certainly did, and would easily go back over and over, except for the distance. The people, food, sights, culture, massage, nature… truly an amazing country. Enjoy.


  2. Brenda Thompson says:

    I find it is often those unexpected, unplanned moments that are the biggest treasures in our life.
    I really appreciate your detail, photos, and adventurous spirit. Thanks for including me on your journey.


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