Thanksgiving in Thailand ~ Non-traditional and relaxing,

Shrine at Tiger Cave

Shrine at Tiger Cave

Well, it certainly was not a traditional Thanksgiving Holiday.  We did not have anything booked or planned so asked our hotel receptionist for a suggestion.  She recommended a drive to see the Tiger Caves, Emerald Pool, and some hot springs.  About 20 minutes later we were picked up by a private car and driver.

The Tiger Cave (lower section) looks to be in a state of disrepair compared to most of the temples we have visited over the past couple of weeks. They have been building a new temple for the past 15-17 years which is only partially completed. It appears that funds have run out and things are on hold.

Overrun by monkeys, cats and dogs, you had to be mindful of your belongings and watch where you step.

To get to the main (upper) temple, a climb up 1272 steps is required with some of it quite steep. We choose to stay on the ground this time, but you can see what the statue and view is by clicking here.

Next stop lunch and time to hike to the Emerald Pool.

Walking through the rain forest

Walking through the rain forest

Emerald Pool

Emerald Pool

It had been raining on and off all day so the pictures here are only so-so.  I think if it had been sunny this would have been more of a wow stop.  As it was, once again we were luke warm on this place.  There were families and groups that were obviously having a wonderful time though so perhaps this was just not the right match for us.

Our final stop was at a natural hot springs.  Again a nice walk through the rain forest led us to a creek fed from underground springs.  A gentle waterfall was broken up with cascading pools large enough for several people to soak in each.

After stripping down to our swim suits, we enjoyed a leisurely soak.

Natural Hot Springs

Natural Hot Springs

It is nice having a private driver.   We had the time to explore as long as we wanted while he patiently waited for us at each stop.

Back at our hotel we showered and then walked around the corner to enjoy a one hour Thai massage.  It is only 250 Baht per person for the entire hour.  Even with a generous tip it comes to just over $10 each.

Ready for a late dinner we walked just one more block to an Italian Restaurant “Viva” that had been recommended by our driver.  Our non-traditional dinner included a Caprese salad, two kinds of fresh home-made pasta to share and a dish of French Vanilla ice cream.

Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad

I hope all of our friends and family back home have had an amazing day.  We give thanks for our many blessings and appreciate each moment we are given.

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving in Thailand ~ Non-traditional and relaxing,

  1. VisitSiena says:

    so picturesque there 🙂 I believe will be able to visit 🙂


  2. I hope you do get to visit this area. It is beautiful and relaxing.


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