MAY 31st – June 2nd ~Chrisman, IL

The brand new married couple – Mr & Mrs Will Porter

The rest of our time in Illinois, it was all about THE WEDDING!

Ashley is smart, beautiful, tiny, sweet, and Tim’s niece. She is the only child of his brother Larry and sister-in-law Marie and as you might expect, loved beyond measure.

I knew when we received the invitation to the wedding that we would be in for a special time.

I did not know just HOW SPECIAL!

Ashley and Will started dating back in high school. They are each others first loves and an adorable couple. Since those early days, they have both gone on to complete college degrees, with Ashley now a Registered Nurse.

Our weekend of celebration started on Friday with the rehearsal at the church followed by a dinner.

Shortly before we left for the rehearsal, Ashley asked if I would mind shooting some pictures during their run-through. Of course I was delighted and felt honored to be able to do that for them.

And as things sometimes happen, my camera memory card filled up about half way through the rehearsal. Thankfully Tim handed me his phone and I was able to keep on snapping away. Some of the pictures are a bit grainy, but at least there are some fun memories attached to them.

I’m sure that the professional photographer got some great photos of these very photogenic kids, but until they are made available, here is at least a sneak peak into their incredible day.

The pictures with the black background are some that Tim took on his iPhone. I love the special effect that creates and will have to learn how he did that 🙂


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The wedding itself was limited to family members due to the size of the small church they had both grown up in. They however planned and hosted a large reception following the ceremony. They had a professional photographer and videographer taking photos, so I just took a few (haha, as if I could ever just take a few) pictures. Well, I was a least a bit reined in.

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A FEW CANDID MOMENTS (pictures Tim took)

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The parents hosted a brunch for the kids and family on Sunday morning where everyone could relax and watch them open their cards and gifts before sending them off on their honeymoon.


GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful to have been included in this very, very special event. Ashley made a beautiful bride. Larry and Marie helped their daughter create the wedding of her dreams. Will has nothing but praise when asked about his new wife. May their lives be blessed beyond measure.

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  1. Beautiful couple and wedding! We just arrived in Illinois yesterday, but we don’t have as special an event to attend.


  2. Darlene says:

    A lovely wedding. The couple look great and the little kids are adorable!! How nice you could be there.


  3. judilyn says:

    So sweet – your photos are splendid! ;->

    Virtual hugs,



  4. sheilsm says:

    Enjoyed all of your photos of this special event! They were so fortunate to have you capture the rehearsal! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness.
    We head to Minneapolis, MN on Thursday to attend my nephew/godson’s wedding on Saturday!
    Enjoy your trip back home! You have some beautiful places to visit! Try to squeeze in Falls Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota if you have a chance.


    • Enjoy your trip to Minneapolis. Best wishes for your nephew’s wedding and a happy marriage. I put Falls Park down on my list. Not sure if we will get there or not, but I have made a note of it. Thank you for the recommendation.


  5. Delightful all around!



  6. Debbie Porter says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these pictures! They are great and capture a lot of the highlights of a spectacular weekend. Thanks again!


  7. Jules says:

    What a beautiful couple and a lovely wedding. Thanks for sharing your travels.


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