May 26th-31st ~ Hume, Illinois ~

Memorial Day in Hume at the city park

Tim is from a split family, as many of our friends are. Growing up in a small farming community, everyone knows everyone. When we come back to his home town area, we try to visit as many of his family members as we can.

This week was no exception.

Tim’s father passed away at the end of 2013. We started our visit staying in Hume with his step-mom, Nancy.

Memorial Day 

As is customary back here, Memorial Day is a day of gratitude for those who served in the armed forces, remembrance of those who did not return and appreciation for those currently serving.

Presenting the colors

A memorial service was done at the local park and Tim and I were happy to be included.

The band played

A small band played, local veterans presented the flag and a memorial wreath.

Tim and Nancy

What I especially loved about the wreath is that a flower was removed from the grave after the service of each veteran from this tight knit community. Nancy pointed out the yellow flower that had been removed from Tim’s dad’s gravesite.

Nancy pointing to the yellow flower from Dick’s grave

The service moved over to the local cemetery where people gathered to pay their respects and a 21-gun-salute was fired off.

The cemetery was decorated and flags placed on each veterans gravesite.

Tim’s father’s gravesite

A luncheon was served afterwards at the community center. A wide variety of home-made pies capped off the meal.

Belated Mother’s Day Celebration

Later in the week we took Nancy for a belated Mother’s Day meal and followed it with us girls getting a Manicure/Pedicure together. Then a visit with his Aunt Micky and Uncle Melvin.

Tim with his Aunt Micky

Tim with Uncle Melvin

Melvin had been quite the dare-devil motorcycle racer back in his prime.

Melvin “back in the day”

We also managed to keep busy getting insurance estimates for Nancy’s car which had suffered some hail damage, a wonderful beef and noodles dinner with Betty and Eldon, some repair work on Nancy’s foundation and learning how to play Euchre.

About to say our goodbyes to Nancy

UP NEXT: We will spend the rest of the week with his mom’s side of the family and attend his niece Ashley’s wedding.

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful that we got to experience the warmth and community of Hume. From the Memorial Day service, to the meals, to the visits, to playing Euchre, we once again got to mingle with good-hearted people who made us feel welcome.

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Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our latest adventure. We hope you will join us!
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20 Responses to ILLINOIS: Small Town USA

  1. Macki says:

    I so enjoyed reading this today Joanne. I used to take my mom to her family’s gravesites & sorry to say, I haven’t gone since she died. I look forward to reading about Tim’s mother’s side of the family.


    • Macki, the smaller communities continue to shrink in this area as the older generation pass away, or move to be closer to children who long ago left. In some ways it is like stepping back in time whenever we come for a visit. Many of the people are hard working farmers who are ready to help a neighbor in need, carry in a meal for someone who is ailing or help with the crops if someone is injured. By far the majority are good, God loving people.


  2. Ernest Holland says:

    Thanks for keeping me on your list. Always fun to read ……………………..Ernie


  3. ospreyshire says:

    Good pictures. I had never heard of Hume before. That must be a really small town.


  4. I love this post and I love Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. Have you ever watched a British show called “Midsomer Murders?” Leaving the murders aside, the small town activities you shared remind me of festivals and celebrations they have in the program. (The show’s great, BTW.)


    Liked by 1 person

  5. Janet is right on all counts! M&M is one of my favorites.


  6. joliesattic says:

    What a lovely time you had. That Melvin was a “looker” in his day, wasn’t he? and a daredevil to boot.


  7. Widdershins says:

    How wonderful to have such a big family to visit. 😀


  8. I grew up in a small town in Indiana, they are the best!


  9. Family, community, beef and noodles, and homemade pie. You captured it so well.


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