IDAHO: Salmon River, Sun Valley and Harvest Host in Bellevue

September 6th ~ Sun Valley, ID

Salmon River information

We continued to follow the Salmon River from Stanley toward Sun Valley. 


“In recognition of the river’s many outstanding values, including scenery, recreation, geology, fish, wildlife, water quality, botany, prehistory, history and cultural traditional use, Congress designated 46 miles of the river, from North Fork to Corn Creek, as a recreational river and 79 miles, from Corn Creek to Long Tom Bar, as a wild river.

The Salmon flows through a vast wilderness in one of the deepest gorges on the continent. Its granite-walled canyon is one-fifth of a mile deeper than the Grand Canyon, and, for approximately 180 miles, the Salmon Canyon is more than one mile deep.” ~

Today we were not in the canyons, but watched as the river became smaller and eventually found the source when stopping at the Bethine and Frank Church Overlook.

The Salmon River originates in the valley right below us

The Salmon River begins just below this overlook, then winds through the Sawtooth Valley, joins the Snake River and eventually makes its way to the Pacific Ocean. Starting as just a small stream, it becomes a large flowing river, winding 420 miles through central Idaho.

Also known as the “River of No Return” due to its rough water and rugged canyons which proved impassable for the Lewis and Clark expedition back in 1805.


A winter skiers destination and former hangout for celebrities and the rich and famous, today this small town is also an artists haven. We were curious to at least check it out and decided on lunch at the historic Sun Valley Lodge.

Sun Valley Lodge


We chose to overnight in nearby Bellevue at Kraay’s Market and Garden, another Harvest Host destination.

This was our third Harvest Host stay on this trip. The first one we stayed overnight at a winery, next came the Miracle of American museum, and this time we were at a farm/garden.

Our camp site. They provided electricity.

Here is a short video from their website that will give you an overview of just unique and special our stay was.

Larry and Sherry welcomed us with open arms, gave us a tour of their property and gardens, and introduced us to their menagerie of dogs, cats, Arabian horses, goats, and chickens.

It does not get any fresher than this.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were invited to pick what we wanted, and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Two different apple trees to choose from

Another family joined us later in the evening, and the three young kids were in heaven, exploring and interacting with the animals.

They also have a Tipi on the property (shown on the video) that they rent out through Airbnb.

We are really enjoying the diversity of our Harvest Host stays. If you are an RVer and have not checked them out yet, I encourage you to do so. There is a yearly membership fee of $49/year, but the stays at the Harvest Host locations are free.

As a member you are encouraged to make a purchase from your host. So far we have purchased a bottle of wine at stop #1, toured a museum at stop #2, and purchased a few very fresh and delicious produce and eggs at stop #3.

View from our RV as the sun set over the greenhouse and farm

If you are interested in jointing, we invited to click this referral link to save 10%.

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful for people we have met on our travels like Larry and Sherry who are so warm, friendly and eager to share a brief look into their way of life. Camping on a farm is a wonderful experience for city slickers or children who might not otherwise have this opportunity. Thank you Larry and Sherry for the wonderful stay!

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Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our latest adventure. We hope you will join us!
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15 Responses to IDAHO: Salmon River, Sun Valley and Harvest Host in Bellevue

  1. Pat Bean says:

    Love it. I lived in Twin Falls for two years, and often drove up to Smiley north of Sun Valley, just for the views.


  2. Carl oswald says:

    When I lived in Boise, I used to stay in that lodge, ski all day, and soak in that very pool afterward.. If you get a chance, dine at the Pioneer Saloon in Ketchum.. Best Prime Rib ever..Those were the days.


  3. Sounds like a lot of fun… and educational (not to mention inexpensive!). What’s to lose? –Curt


  4. Pamela Pietersz says:

    Wow, great photos and wonderful stories to accompany them. I’d never heard of Harvest Host before. Sounds like a great initiative. Thank you for sharing your trip and thank you for liking my post on write better. 🙂


  5. Fabb Florals says:

    Thank you for sharing these experiences. What beautiful photos! I look forward to reading more about your adventures.


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  7. Brad Nixon says:

    Tim and Joanne, I hadn’t checked in with your blog for ages, and hope you’re well. I trust you’re traveling, perhaps just not blogging.


    • Brad, lovely to hear from you. We are actually snuggled up in our mountain cabin for the winter doing some long overdue remodeling and repair projects. I have two posts that I have been procrastinating on to complete our journey home from Idaho. Thank you for checking in with us. We hope to be back traveling this spring.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Brad Nixon says:

        I envy how much you saw of Idaho. I’ve had only a couple of too-brief looks, and no rambling through the countryside. Stay warm, and never say “procrastinate,” say precisely what you did: pursuing other projects. Thanks.

        Liked by 1 person

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