Murren, water falls inside a mountain and a return to Schilthorn

July 26th ~ Murren, Switzerland


On our hike from Murren to Gimmelwald

Our weather improved, so we were out the door for more exploring. First a nice walk through Murren and a hike down the hill toward Gimmelwald, in the valley far below. 


We photographers need to stick together, lol


Clever use of an old hiking boot

The pathway down the mountain toward Gimmelwald was not too steep, well-marked, paved and we ate up the views. Passing under the cable car line that we would take back up the hill later in the day, we watched several paragliders.

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Hard not to drool over this view


And this view…


And this view…

The hillside meadows were covered in wildflowers. Many I have seen before, but a few new ones popped in here and there.

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Our destination for the afternoon was to visit Trümmelbach Falls.


Entrance to Trummelbach Falls

“With its ten glacial water falls inside the mountain, made accessible by tunnel lift, the Trümmelbach waterfalls are truly unique in Europe. Trümmelbach alone drains the enormous glacial walls of the Eiger (3970m), Mönch (4099m) and Jungfrau (4158m) with up to a spectacular 20,000 litres of water per second. This stems from a catchment area of 24 square kilometres of which approximately half is covered with snow and ice.” ~

Trummelbach Falls is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. There are ten different falls, all inside the mountain. An elevator takes you half way up. You can walk down from there and see falls #1-5 OR you have the option to walk up steep interior steps to view falls #6-10, and then walk all the way back down to see the remaining #1-5. We decided to make the hike and it was quite impressive!

Ten falls all inside of the mountain

Ten falls all inside of the mountain

Not very good lighting, but hopefully will give an idea of proportions

Not very good lighting, but hopefully will give an idea of proportions and how narrow it was

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Returning back to Murren, it appeared that the weather was breaking up, so we decided to once again take the cable car all the way up the mountain to Schilthorn to try to see the view from the top.

The clouds seemed to be lifting as we headed up the hill

The clouds seemed to be lifting as we headed up the hill

But by the time we arrived it was almost completely socked in once again.

Well, it was a little better, but still could not see but a brief hole in the cloud cover

Well, it was a little better, but still could not see but a brief hole in the cloud cover

But the ride up and down the mountain once again provided a couple nice vistas.


The rocks were enormous


We did spot a few wild mountain goats as well, but not visible in this picture

To top off an amazing day, we had a wonderful dinner at the hotel with a beautiful view of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains. And just before sunset, a TRIPLE rainbow appeared.

Triple Rainbow

Triple Rainbow


Not sure if the third one is visible enough to see in this shot


And it grew to form a full rainbow

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful for a beautiful day from start to finish!

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31 Responses to Murren, water falls inside a mountain and a return to Schilthorn

  1. PreshenP says:

    Beautiful views. I’m sure that fresh mountain air must have been so refreshing.


  2. Kathleen Cassen Mickelson says:

    Oh, this is such a beautiful trip! I would love to hike in those mountains.


  3. salpal1 says:

    wow! What a wonderful place. It does make me wonder how the first settlement was ever made – how did they get up and down that mountain???? Very smart of you to walk down and ride up. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful. Good decision to walk down and take the tram back up. 🙂 –Curt


  5. Stephen Hung says:

    Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing


  6. ardysez says:

    Beautiful vistas and photos done with your usual good descriptions.


  7. Theresa says:

    Your photos are stunning. I have never seen Switzerland in that detail. Absolutely beautiful.


  8. Terry says:

    Did the same trip to the falls. Walked the entire valley back to Lauderbrunin, it was a marvelous day.


  9. Wow those falls look amazing! And you got some beautiful photos of the spectacular scenery.


  10. melodydance says:

    Absolutely beautiful!


  11. Ismath (Ism) says:

    Beautiful shots and a great Write-up Sir !


  12. Idyllic! The flowers, mountains, falls – everything is spectacular! The mountain air always makes you feel wonderful too! When we visited a few years back, Schilthorn was closed for maintenance (we were there low season in April) so I’d love to go back and go up there sometime. All your photos are simply stunning! 🙂


  13. christinelaennec says:

    I have REALLY enjoyed these posts about Switzerland. I have always wanted to go there, and this is making me think maybe I should plan a trip – start dreaming, anyway! Thank you.


  14. Beautiful and we visited last year. I’m from Germany originally but live in the US now. The weather was unfortunately not cooperating and so most of the mountains were covered in the clouds and we have unfinished business there 😉


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