Get off the sofa – Get out of the huddle

Children of Guatemala

Children of Guatemala

Dear friends,

As many of you know who have followed our blog for any time, Tim and I are passionate about our beloved Guatemala. We have become involved with several NGO’s who are doing amazing work to help those who have not had the privilege of being born into a 1st world country.

It is with great pride that I am about to introduce you to a family that I am very impressed with. I was only introduced to their work a few short months ago. I so sincerely hope that you will take the time to watch this video that gives you an idea into what kind of work they are doing. 

Have you ever asked yourself:

“What can I do to help?”

“How can I make a difference?”

“Is there something more I can do?”

“Will I leave this world better than I found it?”

“What will my legacy be?”

“What lessons am I teaching my children about giving back?”

I am asking you to take the time to watch this video before you go to bed tonight. Even better, watch it RIGHT NOW. This husband and wife team, along with their three sons are making a difference.

Click here to watch. I guarantee you will not be sorry. (Just FYI, there is a brief 15 second commercial at the start of the video)

And after watching, if you want to join us and get involved, I personally know these to be responsible, honest, hard-working and caring individuals who are truly helping those most in need.

Send them an email that will include your name, contact information, and let them know you want to help with one or more of their projects. Start somewhere. Begin a dialog. Ask how you can help. Ask where the need is greatest.

Beautiful area near Semuc Champed

Beautiful area near Semuc Champey

Contact information for Rita and Geoff, who are featured in this video:

Gratitude Moment: Today I am grateful for the many blessings we take for granted each and every day. I have enough food to never have to go to sleep hungry. I can turn on a faucet and have fresh, clean water flow from a tap. I can open a drawer or a closet, reach in and chose comfortable clothing to cover my body. I have a roof over my head to shelter me from harsh weather, and a bed to sleep in at the end of the day. I was able to get a wonderful, free education growing up in the small town of Medford, Oregon. I have good health care available to me.

Most of these things are but a dream to many born in the small villages throughout Guatemala and other third world countries.

I know that some of you are not in a position to help out monetarily, but you can still help in other ways. Perhaps you have a skill where you can volunteer your services. Please reach out and let them know you want to help.

And at the very least, please share this via email, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media site to help get the word out. Thank you, thank you, thank you…


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6 Responses to Get off the sofa – Get out of the huddle

  1. christie4859 says:

    So nice of you to promote their work, Joanne! They are one incredible family!


  2. Aunt Beulah says:

    You’re right, I’m not sorry I watched the video; rather, I’m reinvigorated to go on with the non-profit work I do. Thank you for the shot in my arm. I think maybe summer heat had spun me into uncharacteristic lethargy. I firmly believe in doing some good in the world, and I loved learning about others who share that commitment.


  3. karenlrn says:

    I read this because I’m thinking about going on a health care mission trip to Guatemala with my daughter Melissa. We will be living in the village with the people we are helping. I admit to being a spoiled american. Is there anything I should do to prepare for this trip. I’m a nurse and my daughter is a CNA. My daughter is fluent in Spanish. I’m excited to have the opportunity to help others but I’m nervous as well. I have never left the U.S.A. before. The church who sponsor the trip said its life changing to live with the people and see how much we take for granted.


    • Karen, you are right, this would be life changing for you and I whole heartedly encourage you to be brave enough to go. Guatemala is filled with some of the kindest, dear people we have met on our travels. They are also amongst the poorest and so in need of loving assistance. Off the top of my head, I would suggest packing very little of your own clothing. You will only need some casual, comfortable items. Comfortable shoes are a must. Leave some room in your luggage to take medical supplies (your sponsoring church should be able to make some recommendations based on where in Guatemala you are going, ask if med gloves will be provided), school supplies and gently worn clothes that you will leave behind as a donation. Do not drink the water unless it is boiled or bottled. Come prepared for some hard work. You will probably shed a few tears when you see the drastic and basic living conditions most of the Mayan people call home, the lack of medical care available, and what their diet mainly consists of. Be ready to receive smiles and sincere gratitude from the people you are going to help. Your experiences will not only be life changing for you, but will likely change or even save a life of someone in Guatemala. Bless you for wanting to help those less fortunate. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow, experience something truly outside your comfort zone. Be brave, have love in your heart, give generously of yourself and your skills. I would love to hear from you after your trip to know how your life has changed. I genuinely believe you will look at all we have in the USA with different eyes, and a renewed since of daily gratitude.


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