Venice to Estonia ~ Travel Day plus how to take a water taxi to/from the airport to Lido

Monday May 12 ~ On the road water and in the air again

I had not given it any thought before, but if there is an emergency on Venice and you need to get to the hospital, how do you get there?

By a boat ambulance of course!

Water (boat) ambulance

Water (boat) ambulance

Getting to the airport

To get from the island of Lido to the airport in Venice was quite easy.  We took the blue line water taxi for 15 Euros PP.  Our walk from the hotel was five minutes, got our ticket and another five minutes wait and we were on our way.  I think we made five quick stops to pick up more passengers, but from hotel to airport ended up taking us one hour total.

Just before arriving at the airport via the water.  You can see the airplanes.

Arriving at the airport via a boat

Arriving at the airport via a boat

When we arrived in Venice a few days earlier, we had taken a bus to the main island and then transferred to a water taxi.  Using the Vaporetto Blue Line would have been easier, more direct and faster.

So, for future reference, or for anyone on their way to Venice that wants to stay on Lido Island instead of the main island, here are the steps:

From the baggage claim (arrival area) walk out the door.  You will see taxis and busses waiting.  Instead of getting on a bus, turn left and walk to the end of the building.  You see a sign directing you to the water taxi pier.  It is an easy five-minute walk from the terminal. There is a covered walkway.

Blue Line water bus we took to airport

Blue Line water bus we took to airport.  Wish we had used them to get to Lido island when we arrived.

There is a ticket booth where you can purchase your ticket.  The agent was helpful in advising us about the route, but there is also a map that will show the stops along the way.

You can click here for a lot more details and information about the water taxi system.

Flying to Tallinn, Estonia 

I booked our flights on Brussels Airways because I had found a pretty good rate through one of the search engines.  But I am learning that just because if is cheap, does not mean it is convenient.  This itinerary included a nine-hour layover in Brussels.  We probably could have taken a taxi into town and spent the afternoon exploring, but chose to just wait it out at the airport.

One of the perks of having a Platinum American Express card is that you can sign up to get a free Priority Pass membership card.  This gives you access to the VIP lounges in most of the major airports around the world.

Both Tim and I have our own cards, other wise I would have to go in as his guest which then would have a $27 fee each time we used it.  If you are traveling a lot it is a much nicer option vs. waiting at the gate.

When we arrived in Brussels, I got a kick out of their eco friendly way to charge up your cell phone or computer ~ through self-generated power!  Just take a seat, plug-in and start pedaling. You get a free workout in at the same time.

After a long day, we finally made it on to our next flight from Brussels to Tallinn, Estonia.

Beautiful sunset from 30,000 feet

Beautiful sunset from 30,000 feet

Gratitude Moment:  Today I am grateful for the miracle of air travel.  Well, I know that there is science behind it.  I studied lift, air flow, etc. years ago.  Still I am always in awe of this huge metal sausage of an airplane hurdling down a runway and actually lifting off into the sky to carry me to my next destination.

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