Murano, Italy ~ An island devoted to blown glass

Sunday May 11th ~ Murano, Italy

Venice islands map (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Venice islands map (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Today we once again took a water taxi from the island of Lido (see map above).  This time to the island of Murano.

In 1291, all the glassmakers in Venice were forced to move to Murano due to the risk of fires.  In the following century, exports began, and the island became famous, initially for glass beads and mirrors.  Aventurine glass was invented on the island, and for a while Murano was the main producer of glass in Europe. The island later became known for chandeliers. Although decline set in during the eighteenth century, glassmaking is still the island’s main industry.” ~ Wikipedia

The island is little more than a collection of shops that sell a variety of hand blown glass items; dishes, jewelry, chandeliers, vases, sculptures, animal figurines, Christmas ornaments and more.

Scattered along the way are a few restaurants.  The one we chose for lunch turned out to be the saddest excuse for an eating establishment.  Now, I can get down almost anything and make due, but I finally had to admit that the lasagna was inedible.  I’m sorry but I would not have been surprised to find out they had used dog food and tomato paste layered between soggy noodles.  The rolls they put on the table were so hard they could have been used as baseballs.

I can only remember one worse meal, and that was in Spain where the food was actually putrid. Even after we told the waitress that the food was not edible, they charged us for the completely uneaten food.

OK, enough about my ranting.

Hand blown Murano glass

Hand blown Murano glass

We walked past several large glass sculptures in town.

And, as in Venice, the canals are an intrical part of the town and what makes this area like nowhere else on earth.

Canals of Murano

Canals of Murano



Late in the afternoon we made our way back to Lido, still hungry.  There was a restaurant just down the street from our hotel we had watched for the past two days.  Every time we have walked by, the place has been packed with a waiting line to get in.

Even though it was Mother’s Day and each table showed a reserved card on it, we asked if by chance they had any opening for this evening.  I guess our luck had changed and they found a table right in front by the window for us, and no wait required.

We enjoyed a delicious meal at Gran Viale!

Home made pasta with fresh mushrooms and truffles.

Home made pasta with fresh mushrooms and truffles.

GRATITUDE MOMENT:  Today I am grateful for truffles, fresh home-made pasta and a good glass of wine.

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11 Responses to Murano, Italy ~ An island devoted to blown glass

  1. Cornel says:

    One of my Fave destinations….and Murano is a treat for sure


    • Cornel, Murano is a shoppers heaven if you are in the market place for some beautiful hand crafted glassware. I did get myself my first souvenir from this trip; a hand-blown pendant that will fit onto a silver necklace “slide” I brought with me. It was inexpensive, small enough to easily fit in my suitcase, plus I really liked it.


  2. Penny says:

    Thank you for sharing your fabulous photos. I have been to the last several places you visited, and it brought back fond memories. I love Italy, and these food shots make me hungry.


  3. Penny, we are headed to Tallin, Estonia today. Have you been there yet? All new territory for us in that corner of the planet. So happy you are enjoying the pictures. At least there are no calories in pictures of food 🙂


  4. Laura says:

    Probably my favorite thing I’ve ever purchased while traveling is a beautiful blue vase from Murano! Would love to go back someday soon – though my wallet probably would not 🙂


  5. The island of Murano is the ultimate destination for tourists and shoppers alike. There are several picturesque locations to visit. Murano glass factories are must-see places on the island. One can also buy many Murano glass objects at affordable prices. A wonderful account of your visit via amazing photos, Tim and Joanne!


  6. Wanderlust Arts says:

    I actually live two hours from Venice. I think I have been in Murano a couple of times, but I always wanted to go back! I hope one day I’ll be in Venice for more than a couple of hours, I really loved the guided tour to observe how the glass is blown, that is one of my favorite childhood memories!


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