Saying our goodbyes to 2013

2013 was such a year of change and transition for our family.  We started the year with the loss of my mother to Alzheimer’s and cancer in January and then ended on an equally sad note of Tim’s father passing away in December from Parkinson’s Disease and a different version of cancer.

The loss of a parent changes you.  It brings your own mortality into question.  You look at your life, dreams, goals, relationships, accomplishments, health, happiness and spirituality through different eyes.  You ask more questions of yourself, and search deeper for meaning.

Our biggest dream was to have the freedom to travel the world for as long as we wished, take amazing pictures and share our journey with whomever wished to follow along.  We decided to move forward and are about to launch our dreams into realities.

We sold our family home in June where we had lived for almost 20 years and raised our son.  After sorting through our “things” and either selling them, giving them away, donating or throwing most things out we put a few items in storage and temporarily moved into our tiny mountain cabin.

Tim decided to retire and is in the final stages of turning the business we grew together for the past 22 years over to our son, Dane.

We managed to fit in a couple of wonderful road trips, including returning to Oregon, visiting several State and National Parks and a week at Mammoth with dear friends.  We also flew to Illinois several times to be with family and are grateful we were able to do so.

November was a magical trip to Thailand.  I fell in love with the beautiful Thai people, their warmth and smiles.  I wrote about our daily adventures.  In case you have not read them, here is a link to our Thailand write-ups that you can click to take a look if you are interested.

The month of December is a blur.  We flew back to Illinois to be with family during the final days of my father-in-laws life.  After the funeral we returned home Christmas Eve to a somber Christmas.  I was thankful to have time with my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, his girlfriend and her family, but the sadness, lack of sleep, jetlag and stress took a toll and both Tim and I came down with a nasty bug.

New Years came and went with little fanfare as we took time to heal – our emotions, our health, our spirits.

We are looking forward to all that 2014 has to offer:  New adventures, new countries to visit, people to meet, pictures to take and lessons to learn.  I’m excited for all the known and unknown that lies ahead.  I just updated the “about” page to include some recently booked trips that I will be blogging about soon.

My wish for you is that 2014 brings you vibrant health, abundant happiness, a zest for living, and that your wildest dreams come true!

I’ve decided to end each post this year with something I am grateful for.

GRATITUDE MOMENT – Today I am grateful for the thoughtfulness of family.  While Tim and I were coughing, blowing our noses and feeling miserable, my family took care of us, cooking, cleaning up, grocery shopping, entertained themselves and allowed us time to heal.  You are loved beyond words.

About Tim and Joanne Joseph

Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our latest adventure. We hope you will join us!
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11 Responses to Saying our goodbyes to 2013

  1. Mickey Kampsen says:

    So good to hear from you Joanne! What a year you have had – with some really beautiful moments mixed in with some somber ones. I love reading your posts and hope 2014 brings you every thing you hope for!


  2. Christie Brown says:

    What a beautiful reflection on the year past, the adventures that await and the gratitude that makes every day a gift.


  3. Carrie Bland Miller says:

    wow! what an exciting time for you two!! I’m sooo happy for you & look forward to hearing from you & hope to see you one of these days…love you!!


  4. Sam says:

    It like beautiful memories for you two during 2013. Wishing you both only but strength to get through your time of healing. And many, many new and exciting memories to come to you
    this year.


  5. patt fenton says:

    Joanne and Tim, Happy New Year! Please be in touch so we can meet somewhere.


  6. Barb falconer says:

    What a heartfelt recounting of this years highs and lows. Thank you for sharing. I too lost three friends in November and December…a difficult, to say the least, ending to this year. However, this Past May saw the birth of my third grandchild, Beau, and I am grateful for this years blessings. January is a new beginning. My sincere condolences and best wishes for a happy new year. XX, Barb

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