Whistle Blowing and Cooking School

Sunday, December 1st, Krabi Town, Thailand

Sleeping in today felt wonderful.  Deciding on breakfast at a coffee shop around the corner from the hotel, we sat and people watched for a while.  Our waitress was younger than normal…

Our very young waitress

Our very young waitress

Actually this little princess was the daughter of our waitress.  She carried an order pad around the restaurant imitating what her mommy was doing.  Priceless!

After eating we walked down to the river where we ran across Mr. Ann, our long-boat driver from earlier this week.

Mr. Ann's boat

Mr. Ann’s boat

He let us know that a group was gathered just ahead of where we were walking.  The protests have heated up in Bangkok and groups are spreading to the smaller cities including here in Krabi Town.

It is the red shirts vs the yellow shirts.  I had dressed in a bright red shirt this morning without thinking.  Wishing to remain neutral of any political situations, I returned to the hotel and changed into a black and white top.

The protesters are carrying flags and have whistles around their necks.  For the past several days we have heard whistles blowing frequently throughout the day.  They intensified and became much more numerous today.

Group was gathering

Group was gathering

For the first time we see worry and stress on the faces of the local Thai people.  Normally such easy-going, friendly individuals with a ready smile, the average person now has a look of concern.

Tim and I had booked a class this afternoon at the Siam Cuisine Thai Cooking School.  The price was 1100 Baht ($34) per person which was supposed to be for a four-hour event where we chose six items to prepare.  That included the pick-up and return to our hotel.

I was disappointed that this class did not include a trip to the market to pick out our ingredients which I would have greatly enjoyed.  They already had a large woven basket filled with fresh ingredients.  Each was identified and explained to us.

Fresh ingredients

Fresh ingredients

The items that we chose to make were Fried Noodles Thai style (Pad Thai), Chicken in coconut milk soup, Green curry, Minced chicken with holy basil, Papaya salad and Sweet sticky rice with Mangoes.

Two chefs in training

Two chefs in training

Bananas in coconut milk got substituted for the mango dish with no explanation.  Here are my finished products:

It was way too much food for me to eat.  I felt rushed through the preparation of each dish, and there were a few ingredients that Tim and I chose not to use that had artificial additives.  Our results were therefore not excellent…

Still it was an experience and we are thankful for what we learned.

Settled in to our room for the evening, we are relaxing and listening to whistles in the background.  Our TV is not working and we are not sure if the service has been cut off.  We are able to keep up to date through our computers by going to the local news outlet.  If you want to follow the news from here you can click here for Bangkok Post.

The Prime Minister has been relocated to an unidentified location and the opposite faction has called for a work stoppage tomorrow.

We want to reassure our friends and family that we are safe and doing fine where we are staying.

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8 Responses to Whistle Blowing and Cooking School

  1. Chris Powell says:

    Cooking school looked glorious! I loved cooking school in China. What fun! Thank you for the link to the news. I was unaware of the political situation in Thailand,


    • I enjoyed learning about the different ingredients. One of my favorite Thai dishes is the green papaya salad and I was excited to learn how to prepare it. There has been little in the US news about the political unrest here in Thailand. We are keeping informed through local Bangkok news which is in English (see link on blog page if you are interested in more info). They have a constant update ticker on their page so we feel current at all times.


  2. Jan Jantzen says:

    Cooking school is so much fun. We still laugh about our cooking school experience in Vietnam. I am sure you have heard he story.

    It sounds like you are having a great trip. Love your photos.


  3. andthreetogo says:

    I took a Thai cooking class years ago when we visited Koh Phi Phi here in Thailand and was also disappointed that the class did not include a trip to the market. We are now in Hua Hin and they have a class that does go to the market first. I was pretty excited about that and plan to do it soon.
    We haven’t had any protesting or crowds gathering here, but who knows what will happen in the next day or two. Luckily, I heard that they have to stop by Dec. 5th (the Kings birthday), so they won’t be going on too much longer.


  4. Merrill says:

    Thanks for the info as I plan next month’s itinerary. There are so many places and beaches and we have to pick and choose between them. I want to take a cooking class and the items you chose I would choose. Now to decide whether I take it her in CM or Krabi or Hua Hin…


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