Ocean Road to Weligama Bay

February 8th ~ From Yala National Park to Weligama Bay, Sri Lanka

Weligama Bay ~ View from our window at the Marriott Resort

Today started out really rough for Tim. He woke up in a great deal of pain. Thankfully we quickly figured out what was causing it, as it was a do-over from about twenty years ago.

He was passing a kidney stone.

When my husband does not want to eat breakfast, you know he is miserable. Between the rolling high pain level and sweeping nausea, he was not looking forward to getting on the bus.

I was thankful that it eased up quite a bit before we actually left. I was further grateful that we had three doctors, coincidently all anesthesiologist, on board the bus, just in case he got worse.

We were traveling along the coastline from Yala National Park to Weligama Bay.

Heshan pointed out some fields and explained that after the field was planted, that a member of the family would sleep in a tree house and guard over the field. They did not want the roaming elephants, water buffalo, or deer to eat the crop. They would sing folk songs all night long to stay awake, being answered and joined by whomever was in the neighboring field tree house.

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The coastline was inviting with crystal clear water. Every couple of hours the bus stops for a “comfort” stop.

Beach for our morning “comfort” stop

The store next door to the coffee shop had some interesting jewelry and Karen bought two nice bracelets. I think I would have purchased a silver one that had carved elephants on it had she not beat me to it 🙂

Typical town scene that we passed through on the way to Weligama Bay

By the time we reached our hotel in Weligama Bay, Tim was still not himself, and very ready to be off the bus.

In the afternoon, we had been scheduled to visit a nearby meditation center to participate in a discussion with a Buddhist Monk. We decided to forego that excursion and simply rest.

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We both napped most of the afternoon. By dinnertime Tim felt much improved and we had a relaxing dinner at the hotel.

Tim starting to feel better

The Marriott Resort is a beautiful property. A lavish three day wedding was in full swing. The bride and groom were from India, and had created a destination wedding. We had a chance to pop inside one of the venue rooms shortly before the bridal party was scheduled to arrive. No expense had been spared to make this an elaborate and exquisite occasion.

Entry into one of the wedding venue rooms

Overnight: Marriott Resort Weligama Bay

Coming next: The stilt fishermen of Weligama

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful that Tim is finally feeling so much better and seems to have passed the kidney stone. Around 20 years ago he had his first attack and I can still vividly remember racing him to the emergency room. Thank goodness, this time was milder, but still very painful. It is never easy to get sick, injured or have any other health issue. It becomes magnified when away from home. I am beyond thankful that he has recovered and is no longer in pain.

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17 Responses to Ocean Road to Weligama Bay

  1. grinb0x says:

    great post! thanks for sharing 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. John Love says:

    I am really sorry Tim, I have passed five in my lifetime, luckily none lately and pics show I am clear! The first one was a doozy, had to be removed surgically! I have been shot, prefer that pain to a kidney stone moving any day! Glad you have recovered!


  3. Wow. Wish I were there.Continued good health, Tim.


  4. Gaye OBrien says:

    Sorry for Tim, coincidently our eldest son is scheduled to have the operation. More CORONAVIRUS news. Our Cruise on Majestic has been cancelled the night before departure because it was terminating in Singapore. We will sit in our arm chairs in Melbourne and enjoy reading your excellent and descriptive journey.


    • Gaye, I’m so sorry that your cruise was cancelled last minute. The cruise ships have certainly been hit hard and I’m guessing we will hear of more cancellations in the future. Best wishes for your son as he goes through the surgery. Kidney stones are brutal.


  5. salpal1 says:

    I hope Tim continues to improve and the blasted stone is gone. Quite scary to have medical things happen when away from the systems we know.

    Lovely water and beach! And that wedding – oh my!


  6. Being sick while on vacation is THE WORST! I’m glad your husband is feeling better!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Terry says:

    Not good to have happen on vacation. Hope Tim is feeling better.


  8. Widdershins says:

    Glad to hear Tim’s doing better. No-one needs pain and agony on a holiday … or anywhere else for that matter. 🙂


  9. joliesattic says:

    What on earth was hanging in the wedding venue rooms? They look cluttered like with something from a horror film cave.


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