Kernville, California ~ Gateway to Trail of 100 Giants

April 8-11th ~ Kernville, California

Kernville, California – exploring along the Kern River

After we soaked in the Super Bloom at Carrizo Plain National Monument, we decided we were not quite ready to head home, so the guys got their heads together and settled on booking three nights for us at Rivernook Campground in Kernville, CA.

We had an adventurous day getting there, as outlined in my last post, but once we arrived, the relaxation began.

Located right on the Kern River, we were able to fall asleep to the sounds of the rushing water and wake up to a cacophony of birds.

Rivernook Campground, right along the Kern River

Even though it is early in the season, the rafters and kayakers could be watched passing right by our campsite. White water rafting is the main tourist draw, but it is also a place for hiking, fly fishing, and rock climbing.

Watching the white water rafters go by

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Gateway for the Trail of 100 Giants, which is a “must see” if you happen to be here in the summer. We were simply too early and the roads were not open.

Click here for more info on white water rafting options as well as other outdoor activities to be found in the area. Lake Isabella is also located nearby.

Kernville itself is a sleepy small town with very little to see or do, especially on Monday or Tuesday when many of the shops are closed. It has retained elements of the Old West and former gold rush days; antique stores are in abundance.


With a population of just over 1300 at the last census in 2010, it had lost almost 1/3 of its residents since the previous count in 2000.

And did I mention wild flowers???

My favorite color

Having just witnessed the Super Bloom at Carrizo Plain, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the hills around Kernville were putting on a lovely purple and gold display for us.

The fields were full of blossoms

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GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful that we took some time to simply relax a bit. Far too often when we travel, we spend much of our time out and “doing things”. Now we did do a bit of walking around the park and along the river, exploring town, and driving into the hills to see some stunning flower displays, but mainly we took the opportunity to soak up the scenery, visit, nap and appreciate the beauty all around us.

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