Palouse, Washington ~ Small Town USA

August 24th ~ Palouse, WA

Caboose in Palouse

Welcome to small town America. Palouse is located just two miles from the Idaho border in the Southeastern corner of Washington State. A rich farming area with rolling hills covered in golden crops. Wheat, peas, lentils, barley and garbanzo beans are the main items harvested. 

Field of garbanzo beans (chick peas)

Curious horse in the doorway checking us out

We had a rendezvous with my sister Jan, and brother-in-law Mark, the day before. Staying two nights in the local Palouse RV Park, located right on main street, gave us a free day to explore the area.

The wind had kicked up earlier in the morning which was a blessing as much of the smoke was blown away.

Entrance to Kamiak Butte Park

We started our day with an active 2.5 mile hike in Kamiak Butte County Park. There was quite a bit of uphill climbing, but the view from the top was impressive.

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Hundreds of acres, many recently harvested, lay golden far below.

Fields of grain

Purple leaves

After lunch and a little rest, we decided to explore the town. The entire town is only a few blocks long, so walking gave us a wonderful feel for the charm and history.

We spent a leisurely couple of hours wandering in and out of thrift stores, an antique collectible shop, a quilting shop, looking through the windows of several others not open including the small museum and a gallery located in the old bank.

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Eventually we plunked down at a picnic table in the park and admired the gigantic trees.

Hayton Greene Park

Early railroad history:

End of the track

Small town America brings an appreciation for our history, and a way of life sadly often long gone in our hectic big cities.

You can watch a two-minute video on the area by clicking here.

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful that after an invigorating hike and a rest that we took the time to simply explore and for a short time be a part of this charming bit of historical lore. Makes me appreciate a simpler way of life.

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5 Responses to Palouse, Washington ~ Small Town USA

  1. Anne Jorgensen says:

    Sooo crazy! Coincidence is that craig and I are heading to the Palouse in September! Visiting sister at bainbridge island too. And my at Helen’s!



  2. I like the caboose in Palouse. When I was growing up, I always liked seeing cabooses go by. And I loved when they had cupolas on the top. 🙂 This one does. Hurrah!



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