New York City ~ Time Square, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Chrysler Building

October 5th

Theater District – 42nd Street

Apparently we are still on West Coast time and not getting out the door as early as we should. Oh well, I guess we are not really accountable to anyone and can come and go as we please. Kind of nice really. 

The subway system here in New York City seems to have had an overhaul since we were here last. The cars, for the most part are cleaner and in better condition. The  behind the scenes view however is still lacking any esthetics.

Inside of a well-worn subway station on 86th Avenue

Today we are concentrating on Time Square and the surrounding blocks. We had planned on going to the ticket booth right in Time Square to see if we could pick up some 1/2 price theater tickets. But that plan was laid to rest when we realized that word had gotten out about this deal since we were last here in 1991. Back then we walked right up to the booth. Not the case now! There was a LONG line that wound in and around roped-off portable posts. At best we might make it to the front in about 45 minutes.

Time Square

Signs and bright lights

We decided to just explore more of the area on foot instead of waiting in line.

I’m guessing that many are familiar with the quite famous Naked Cowboy who plays the guitar at Time Square. I don’t know if he is there daily, but I do know he is a fixture. Could not help but get a chuckle over seeing him on the sidewalk in his Tidy Whities with Naked Cowboy boldly lettered across his backside.

The streets almost sing out to you, bringing one classic scene after another from the corner shoe shine stand, to the diamond district, to colorful eateries.

Colorful entrance to sushi/fish house

Shoe shine stand

As we looked in the window, she held up this sign 🙂

Rockefeller Center was another iconic site that we stumbled across on our walk. They appeared to be cleaning the flooring in preparation of winter when it is turned into the famous ice skating rink.

Rockefeller Center

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Fifth Avenue is always fun to do a bit of window shopping. I swung through the Michael Kors store and gawked at the window displays for Saks Fifth Avenue. I found it rather telling that by far the most popular shopping bag that women were carrying was not from a high-end store, but from H&M.

Inside Michael Kors shop

Saks 5th Avenue window display of Chanel bags

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is worthy of being considered one of the premier houses of worship.

Front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral

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I enjoyed watching an artisan hand etch a saying into the floor in one of the small side altars.

His tools at the ready

Along both sides of the church were small chapels, many dedicated to one saint or another. These stood out for me.

Grand Central Station lobby is inviting and remindful of many of the nicer train stations in Europe.

Grand Central Station

Inside Grand Central Station

The Chrysler Building has one of the most iconic shapes on any of the great highrises. We snapped a few shots in the lobby, but unfortunately there are not public viewing areas on the upper floors.

Chrysler Building

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On the sidewalk, we stumbled on imbedded plaques leading us toward the library. I got caught up in reading the quotes and sayings and decided to take pictures of some of my favorites to share.

Library walk

Where the press is free…

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The library itself is another show stopper.

New York Public Library

Inside the library

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Speaking of shows, just as we were leaving we spotted a bridal show with stick-thin stunning models wearing the most gorgeous wedding gowns. It was so fun to be able to watch from the sidelines as they prepared to strut their stuff.

Bridal show, walking the runway

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After a long afternoon, we headed back toward the subway station. It appears that you are never more that about three blocks from a station no matter where you are in Manhattan.

Bryant Park

Nathan’s hotdog stand

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful for how easy it is to get around New York City using the mass transit system. I also appreciate that they have a senior rate that is half off, making it even more reasonable. This is a beautiful, artsy, bustling, invigorating city. The more we explore, the more we are appreciating why those who live here would not live anywhere else on the planet. I love that we are being welcomed into her bosom and made to feel like we belong – even if for only a few days…

COMING NEXT: Metropolitan Museum of Art

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About Tim and Joanne Joseph

Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our latest adventure. We hope you will join us!
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42 Responses to New York City ~ Time Square, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Chrysler Building

  1. Amazing post and the photos are stunning. I would love to make a post to my blog with these photos. It will look like this: Let me know if you are interested.

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  2. The subways, hmmm, no. This summer was called the summer of hell for commuters with major work being done at Penn Station that caused people to take the subway to a bus and to another bus. Throughout the city, the subway infrastructure is crumbling and that includes the trains themselves. They break down every day in almost every place. Most people plan for at least 1.5 hour delays. From our neighborhood, which is Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, we are limited to one of three normal subway routes into the city. It’s always late.

    That Ticket kiosk hasn’t been a thing for most of us for many, many years. We are going to see Bruce Sprinsteen’s one man “play” soon. We got tickets the old fashioned way. We knew somebody. 🙂

    Have fun.

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  3. DrWeb says:

    Reblogged this on DrWeb's Domain and commented:
    Wonderful views of NYC, like no other city in the world…

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  4. Wow! The architecture on those buildings are stunning! Never been to New York, thanks for sharing your trip.

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  5. I’m loving sight-seeing vicariously through you! And since MOMA is on OUR LIST, I really can’t wait till your next post!

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  6. I love your pictures. This is the first time that I have seen or heard about the naked cowboy…ooh la la. lol. Thanks for tacking the time to share your stories during you travels. The sooner the story is told, the more vivid the details. Have fun. Can wait to read more.

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  8. Kathleen Cassen Mickelson says:

    Ah, you’re making me want to return to NYC as soon as possible! Lovely photos.


  9. Oscar Dulzaides says:

    What beautiful pictures. I am from New York City and now live in California. I love following you guys! Your adventures brighten my day. I especially love the gratitude moment at the end.

    I am here visiting for a few months myself and being a street photographer it’s like being in heaven over here.
    Enjoy the Met, it’s wonderful!
    And yes from 1991 to now the city has changed. I love mass transit here myself.
    Safe travels!

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  10. You packed a lot into that day….do not forget Lincoln Center. Tickets to the ballet, in season now, can be had for a reasonable cost.


  11. joliesattic says:

    Enjoyable! I’ve not been. My husband is from White Plains, on the outskirts of NYC, I hear tell, but I’ve yet to visit. Pretty much all his family is in Cali, so not much reason to go back, though he promises to take me there soon.


  12. No matter how many times you’ve seen the streets of Manhattan, you’ll always find a million new perspectives each time you’re there. Great choice of pictures here.


  13. Claudia Frew says:

    Great post! Really enjoyed it!


  14. Widdershins says:

    I now have the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme rattling around in my head! 😀


  15. Jerry Smith says:

    Tim, I just found this blog. This is Jerry Smith your ex pheasant hunting bud from Fla. The pics of you guys are terrific. Along with the ones from your trip back to Illinois in 2014. Our best to you both. Jerry & Jeannie

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Mary says:

    I’m a country girl – I spent the morning shoveling compost. I never understood why someone would want to live in New York City.
    Until now. Thanks for the stunning look into a city I never thought I would want to know. I think I get it now.


  17. Anabel Marsh says:

    I love those library plaques. Susan at Finding NYC did a great post on them recently.


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  19. Al & Gail says:

    WOW! you certainly know how to present your trip in pictures. You are far more advanced than I am. Wonderful photos.


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