Spain ~ Taking the train from Santiago to Madrid

May 26th ~ Travel day on the train

Tim, Karen and Dick on the train ~ sorry this is so washed out :(

Tim, Karen and Dick on the train ~ sorry this is so washed out 😦  Both Tim and Karen look like ghosts and I must be one since I don’t show up at all…

Dick and Karen were planning to fly home the next day from Madrid and Tim and I had booked a hotel right in the center of Madrid for the next week. We decided to take the train to Madrid together instead of flying. I was not anxious for a repeat encounter with Iberia Airlines any time soon, so was especially thankful for this alternative. 

We were also a little concerned that since we were entering into high season that the direct train might sell out. So, to ensure that there would be no last-minute surprises, Karen and Tim had taken a walk over to the train depot the day before and paid for our tickets in advance.

Getting from Santiago to Madrid via train was quite easy. We treated ourselves to a first class ticket. The cost difference between first class and standard was minor (approximately $20 per person), but it allowed us to reserve our seats, a bit more comfort and some more room. The direct train took just over five hours.

We had to leave the hotel early in the morning before our hotel served our included breakfast, but they kindly sat a few items out for us the evening before so that we were not leaving on an empty stomach.

Our packaged breakfast

Our packaged breakfast

There was a taxi stand right across the street from our hotel which made it a breeze getting to the train station with our luggage. Thankfully Tim and I had small suitcases and Dick and Karen were traveling even lighter with just backpacks so sharing one taxi was not a problem.

The day started out a little over cast with pockets of haze settled into the valley below.

Gorgeous morning for a train ride

Gorgeous morning for a train ride

I have to say that this was one of the most beautiful routes I have taken on a train. Stunning scenery from start to finish. Another highlight was the prolific red poppies which covered field after field as well as clustered along the side of the tracks.

Honestly, I was sorry to have the journey end, as I had thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. If you have the option of taking this train route at any time in the future, I would certainly recommend it.

Poppies in bloom

Poppies in bloom

When we got to Madrid, we said our goodbyes to our friends. They were headed to a hotel close to the airport, and Tim and I jumped on the metro and headed to the center of town. Our hotel was well located and within easy walking distance of many of the key things to see in Madrid.

The room itself was very tiny and unexciting, but we did have one of the very few  balconies. This afforded us grand views of the city eight stories below. I believe there were only a handful of rooms that had a balcony, so for that we were grateful. We were in room 808 if you want to have this same view, but you must be prepared for an unimaginative, rather dreary and minuscule room that was sadly in need of some updates and maintenance.

Our view from our hotel balcony looking to the left

Our view from our hotel balcony looking to the left

And our view looking to the right

And our view looking to the right

Overnight: Madrid at the Vincci Capitol

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful that we witnessed such beautiful scenery along our ride from Santiago to Madrid. The valley partially covered with fog and miles of greenery with brilliant red poppies shouting to the sun passed by in a flash as our train reached high speeds up to 249 km per hour. Awe the marvels of modern transportation…

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6 Responses to Spain ~ Taking the train from Santiago to Madrid

  1. Trish Hatcher says:

    I love traveling by train in Europe!!! Great way to see everything, quick, clean. My dad worked (and still does) for the railroad, so that is how we always traveled as I was growing up. Great pics!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Traveling by train is really relaxing. None of the security hassle to go through like at the airport and the train often either drops you off right in the middle of town or connects up with a local metro line. Convenient, fun and relaxing! Definitely enjoy it and will look forward to doing more in the future.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. larrymuffin says:

    We have done a lot of train travel in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Spain, all nice and well organized. Prefer it to the plane.


  3. gaye obrien says:

    Daryl and I had a great train ride last week, we took the bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai, sure beats delayed flights.


    • I’ve heard that the bullet train in China is pretty amazing. Hope you had a wonderful time. I would love to return to China one of these days. Tim and I miss seeing your smiling faces so we might need to get down to Australia first though!


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