Fishing Village, Starfish Foundation and Sihanoukville

Wednesday, March 16th ~ Travel day to Sihanoukville

Homes along the water's edge on the way to Sihanoukville

Homes along the water’s edge on the way to Sihanoukville

We spent another half day on the bus and had the afternoon free which Tim and I chose to use to get some rest and for me to do some writing on my blog.

Today’s post will be rather short, with just a few pictures thrown in. Shots taken along the way included a tiny fishing community. 

Collection of fishing boats

Collection of fishing boats

A closer look

A closer look

Another talking point was the local train service. Described by our guide as the slowest train in the world, we hopped off the bus to take a picture. Not sure if that was true or him just making conversation???

Slowest train in the world - or not???

Slowest train in the world – or not???

But the story for me, was the two men whose job was to manually raise and lower the barricade at the train crossing.

Manually operated railroad crossing

Manually operated railroad crossing

Starfish Foundation

Wall street art across the street from Starfish Foundation

Wall street art across the street from Starfish Foundation

Our lunch stop was at the cafe run by the Starfish Foundation. Staffed entirely by local Khmer with disabilities, the Starfish Project was established in 2000 and is Sihanoukville’s oldest and longest running nonprofit.

Taking on several projects that give a hand up, not a hand out. All proceeds go directly to supporting the staff and Khmer people in rural areas by providing job skills training. Their projects include housing, sanitation, medical aid, and educational programs as well as a prison program to aid children where a parent is incarcerated.

Hummus plus bread, fruit and veggies

Hummus plus tzatziki, bread, tomatoes and cheese

“Of particular concern to Starfish is the health status of Cambodia’s children, rated as one of the gravest in the world. Over 40 percent of children under five are malnourished. The mortality rate for children under five is also one of the highest in the region,” ~ Starfish Foundation

A wide range of fruit beverages were on the menu. I chose the apple, cucumber and pineapple blend – delicious and refreshing! And if you have a chance to eat here, try their dark bread as well as the brownies. You won’t be disappointed.

Several different fruit drinks were offered

Several different fruit drinks were offered

Arriving at our hotel, the Golden Sand by mid afternoon, we had the rest of the afternoon to relax or explore.

Golden Sand Hotel

Golden Sand Hotel

Most of the hotels on this trip have been more in line with a Motel 6 caliber, however the cleanliness standards are not very high. We have had black mold in many of the bathrooms, which is disturbing, but seems to be acceptable here. I will be curious to compare the hotel standards of this Intrepid portion of our journey to the Gate 1 portion later this month.

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful to have learned more about the Starfish Foundation. I had heard of them, but this was the first time we had visited one of their centers. I was impressed with the equality of food offered in their cafe and the fine work they are doing. The many projects they are taking on, are meant to be self-sustaining. I wish them great success.

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2 Responses to Fishing Village, Starfish Foundation and Sihanoukville

  1. John Love says:

    I am getting such an education as well as being entertained. Probably the most intrepid trip for you, I would think, but it makes for great pics and stories. I guess I need to rethink my macho Marine Sgt. self portrait of who I am. A lot of what you do, eat, go, scares me!


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