Update on homeless kits and working on some future travel plans

Sunday, November 8th ~ Arrowbear Lake

Sun streams through the windows this morning. Only a few short days ago we embraced a torrential rain followed with a dusting of snow. My mind went immediately to those who were out in the weather. Knowing that the 100 homeless kits we have committed to creating will only be a drop in the bucket, I am both humbled by the amount of support we are getting and an enormous wish that we could do more.

The goal is set to raise $2000 to be able to create 100 lifesaving survival backpacks for the homeless. As of this morning we have received donations totaling $750. We are so grateful to our friends, near and far, who are reaching out to help those in need.

And where will the money go? How will it be used? 

On the internet we found a video that gave a detailed blueprint of how to create backpacks filled with items most needed to give comfort and nourishment. Our packs will not be identical, but they will follow the basic premise. Being in the mountains, we wanted to concentrate on providing warmth and keeping them at least somewhat protected from the rain/snow.

Here is an update of what has been ordered/purchased so far:

  • 100 Survival blankets – $47.98
  • 100 Pairs of warm socks – $109.42
  • 96 Insulated gloves – $199.88
  • 96 Beanie hats – $109.88 (ordered, have not arrived yet)
  • 100 Rain poncho – $107.97

The gloves and hats were ordered online where I found them in a large lot of 96, so I will still need to pick up 4 of each elsewhere to complete my 100. Buying in large lots helps keep the price down.

A shopping spree at our local Big Lots allowed me to get a start on some basic grooming/hygiene supplies. I cleared the shelves of several items and was not able to complete the 100 needed, but plan on going back this coming week to fill in the blanks here.

From Big Lots (Total spent $118.86):

  • Body wash – 100
  • Bars of soap – 87
  • Toothbrushes – 78
  • Combs – 42
  • Disposable Razors – 100
  • Granola Bars – 108
Items purchased at Big Lots

Items purchased at Big Lots

Grand total spent through 11/07/14 – $693.99

Our dear friends, Laura and Michael, have offered their home on December 5th as a meeting place to put the kits together after all items have been gathered up. We plan to start passing out the kits the following day.

On my GoFundMe page (in the updates section) I have shown a breakdown of where each item has been ordered from as well as a receipt for the order/purchases.

Here is a link to the campaign for anyone who might be interested in joining us, or is interested in doing a similar project to help the homeless in your area. The video I mentioned which was our starting point is on this link as well:


My greatest wish is that others will be able to follow this template and create a similar campaign in their own area. Please do let me know if you do, or if you have any questions, so we can support your local efforts as well!

And on another note…

2015 is rapidly coming to a close and the holidays will soon be upon us. It will be nice to be in Southern California to be able to spend some quality time with friends and family. Here at the cabin, I am slowly (and I emphasize, slowly) working toward catching up on my Shutterfly albums. I just completed my “Highlights of 2013” album if that gives you any idea of how far behind I am 🙂

But that wanderlust bug is gnawing at my gut once again. Too bad it is not eating away those extra pounds, I have been wanting to shed like FOREVER…

We have some wonderful trips in the works for 2016. I will save the details for another post as some of the itineraries get solidified, but here is a teaser:

Deposits are in for Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Morocco, and Portugal!

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Every time I get to this part of my posts, I take the time to reflect on just how very fortunate we are. We have our health, a loving marriage, a small but cozy cabin in the mountains, a son who is thriving, and we are living our dream of traveling the world, one country at a time. But today I want to give my heartfelt gratitude to all of our dear friends, near and far, who have reached out to support our efforts to help those in need. I am so proud to know each of you.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” ~ John F. Kennedy

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12 Responses to Update on homeless kits and working on some future travel plans

  1. Wonderful progress. Thanks for the pictures.


  2. John Love says:

    You are doing great work. I wish I could donate more, but we had a few unexpected expenses, so I have to wait and see how much those are going to total before spending more. Anyway, I also noticed your travels will take you to Malaysia, Singapore, etc. I have friends in the diplomatic corp stationed in Koala Lumpur. The wife, a school teacher and her husband have served in the Peace Core, and her husband is now a diplomat. She writes a blog, my co-favorite along with yours. Here is a link. http://insearchoftheendofthesidewalk.com The reason I mention this is that she and her husband had been on trips all through that region of the globe, their previous duty was in Cheng Du China. So if you were to check out her blog you will see pictorials of their travels and may get some ideas. Her grandfather, our town Doctor, was my guardian in high school, so I grew up with her mother. If you get in the region, you could probably contact them directly and get some great information. They are outgoing, very nice folks. At least check out the blog, you will be glad you did.


    • John I can’t wait to take a look at their blog. I’m knee deep in a project at the moment, so will save the exploration for this evening when I can have time to dig my teeth in a bit and snoop around. Thank you so much for this link, and of course for your continuing encouragement and support.


  3. Arlene says:

    What a wonderful thing you are doing.


  4. f-stop mama says:

    This is a wonderful idea! I will share your post on my Facebook page. Every little bit helps.


  5. Well done, you too: that’s an excellent start and I’m sure there will be lots of grateful needed people this winter. 🙂


    • This is supposed to be an especially harsh winter with El Nino coming. We really need the snow pack to help our extreme water shortage here in California, but it will be so tough on the homeless. At least we can help a few of them be a bit more comfortable. Thank you for your encouragement!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. TheRaven6825 says:

    You guys are amazing! Wish I could help but have been jobless since Feb. Keep inspiring! 🙂


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