Faces of the children of Thailand

Children of Thailand

Children of Thailand

It has been almost two years since we explored the highlights of Thailand. It is a mystical country with ancient history. Enormous Buddha statues can be found everywhere, mostly sitting, but some of the largest are reclining. Stupas dot the country and can be pointed and covered in gold, ornate and colorful, or dull and well weathered.

We instantly fell in love with Thailand. All of our senses got a daily workout. Everything was vibrant, alive, moving. But the movement was not frantic, instead it flowed with a rhythm all its own. 

At the top of our admiration list were the people. Happy, smiling, friendly and always willing to go out of their way to accommodate our needs and make us feel both welcome and appreciated.

With all of our ongoing travels, I have gotten hopelessly behind in making my Shutterfly photobooks. Today I finally buckled down and started to sort through hundreds of pictures from our three weeks in SE Asia. As I clicked through each days worth, what always stopped me for a moment and brought a big smile were the beautiful faces of the children.

It seemed outright selfish not to share some of my favorites with you.

I want to hold it...

I want to hold them…

This young lady from the Hill Tribe was stunning

This young lady from the Hill Tribe was stunning

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful for the many smiling faces that have greeted us on our journeys. But I am especially thankful when I can see joy in the children’s eyes.

We hope you will continue to join us on our future travels. And a warm welcome to any new readers.

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15 Responses to Faces of the children of Thailand

  1. I have heard much about the smiling and friendly Thai faces. My son went there on a school trip 10 years ago and I remember the teachers talking before the trip saying exactly the same thing. Needless to say mu son totally loved it and came back with an amazing DVD of the things he saw and did there, including the elephants painting pictures with their trunks. Did you see that?: simply jaw-dropping!

    You have beautiful pictures here too. 🙂 🙂


    • I’m so glad that your son was able to visit this truly wonderful country and was able to share his memories with you. Yes, we were fortunate to interact with the elephants as well as watch several of them paint beautiful pictures in amazing detail. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I might have been skeptical, but they truly did this with no assistance other than their human assistant put the paint on the brush for them.

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  2. The Hill Tribe neck rings are amazing. Can you imagine caring around that weight your entire life?


  3. Merrill says:

    Lovely portrait shots! I want to go! What month did you visit?


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