Our next adventure begins now…

What's next for us???

What’s next for us???

WHAT’S NEXT: We have a month-long road trip planned that will first take us up to Los Gatos, California for my nephew’s wedding!  That will be followed up with a week driving through Oregon and Washington en route to my sister and brother-in-law’s home on Whidbey Island. They have chartered a boat for a week so the four of us can explore the San Juan Islands, crossing the border up into Canada for a few days. 

GETTING HEALTHY: We arrived back in Los Angeles on August 5th, and the past three weeks have been a bit of a challenge in the health department. I returned home with a rotten respiratory infection that was deep in my chest causing bouts of coughing.

Tim made it home healthy, but unfortunately I shared my nasty germs with him and he decided to out-do me and his bug turned into pneumonia.

And then his asthma kicked it…

We have had a dickens of a time getting him well enough to be able to set off on our next trip. But with the help of two doctors plus a Pulmonologist, some strong antibiotics, steroids, inhalers, lots of liquids, a bit of TLC and rest, he is now about 90% recovered and getting better every day.

Thank Goodness!!!

What a packing dilemma this time around. After bragging that we were able to travel throughout Europe and drive cross-country for seven months with only carry-on luggage, I totally blew it for this trip.

We would be driving, so I knew I could take more “stuff” with me. Needing nice clothing for the wedding, casual warm weather clothing for the following week, then clothing for cooler weather and possibly some rain showers in Washington, as well as appropriate shoes, etc. for on the boat, etc., etc.

One very over-packed car

One very over-packed car

Long story short, we hung a metal pole in the back seat of the car and I ended up loading almost my entire closet.

Plus two small suitcases.

Plus two backpacks.

Plus several other random bags with snacks, other shoes, a pillow, and on and on.

I can’t find anything.

I have never felt this unorganized in my entire life!!! I think I need to go back to “carry-on” only. At least I knew where everything was.

Thursday, August 27th ~ Los Gatos, California

Poor California is so dry. Our drought continues...

Poor California is so dry. Our drought continues…

We have arrived in Los Gatos, and are all checked-in at the Toll House Hotel. Last night Tim used Trip Adviser to find a recommendation for dinner. Just a few blocks from the hotel is a fabulous place called Nick’s Next Door. Highly, highly recommend it, in fact we are hoping to be able to have another meal there before leaving town.

Nick's Next Door - If you are in Los Gatos, be sure to give them a try - Excellent food and service!

Nick’s Next Door – If you are in Los Gatos, be sure to give them a try – Excellent food and service!

Found a new wine that I really enjoyed.

Found a new wine that I really enjoyed.

Tomorrow afternoon my brilliant (and handsome) nephew, Ian, is getting married to the effervescent (and beautiful and brilliant) Nadia.

Can you tell that I think these two are really special?

Weddings are always happy events, but I will guarantee that I will shed a few tears  watching two people I love dearly make this commitment to each other.

GRATITUDE MOMENT: Today I am grateful that I am once again feeling like myself, and that Tim is almost totally recovered. I’ll still need to keep my eye on him and make sure he gets good sleep along the way to continue to get well and avoid any set-backs.

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Hope you will follow along…

About Tim and Joanne Joseph

Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our latest adventure. We hope you will join us!
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11 Responses to Our next adventure begins now…

  1. Merrill says:

    I had to laugh about the packing dilemma. I also overpack for domestic (vs abroad) trips. Abroad I’d make do. Part of it at home is wanting to look good and show off, whereas I don’t have to impress anyone while on the road and wear the same clothes over and over again!


  2. kalison0515 says:

    You should see what I take in my car for a weekend trip to visit my mom in Ohio. And yet, another time I spent a long weekend in Detroit — flew there on a cheap airline that charges extra for anything — and all I took was a backpack that held iPad, computer, clothes, shoes, and a tiny purse. The backpack fit under the seat.


  3. Glad you are feeling better! I’m sure you will love the San Juans!


  4. Rachel says:

    Glad to hear that you’re both doing well! Please wave at us as you cruise through Centralia, WA. The traffic on 5 coming through here is a nightmare, so if you’d like to stop and grab a coffee, there’s a nice one just off exit 81. Still praying for you!

    Rachel “Maestrach”


  5. RuthsArc says:

    Enjoy your trip and glad you are both feeling better. I’ll be interested to hear on your return, how much of your luggage was “unnecessary”. Travelling by air or train is so much easier on the packing front.


  6. It sounds like you are on a wonderful road trip! I share your dilemma about packing a car vs. packing a bag. My husband can’t understand why I need so many pairs of shoes! You might consider mailing your fancy clothes home after the wedding (assuming you don’t need them later).


    • This will sure be one more step in the learning curve. We have been trying to find a small motorhome to use for road trips. Can you imaging how much “stuff” I could pack then, LOL. Thank you for the suggestion to mail extra things home.


  7. f-stop mama says:

    Your packing dilemma sounds like us last summer when we traveled out west. We were mostly camping and had to bring many supplies. We found ourselves re-packing and organizing ever few days. It was difficult to find things. Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to photos.


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