Picture of the Day ~ Morača Monastery in Montenegro

12th century Morača Monastery in Montenegro

13th century Morača Monastery in Montenegro

One of the best known monuments in Montenegro is the medieval Morača Monastery. The name in Serbian is Манастир Морача. Located in the valley of the Morača River in Kolašin, central Montenegro it was founded by Stefan Vukanović in 1252.  

“… its frescoes are of special importance; the oldest fresco depicting eleven compositions from the life of the prophet Elias date to the 13th century, while the rest, of lesser condition, date to the 16th century.” ~ en.wikipedia.org

If you want to read more about our time in Montenegro and see more of the pictures we took while there, just click here.

Gratitude Moment: Today I am grateful for progress mixed with conservation. How fortunate we are to live in a society that offers every convenience known to mankind, yet we can still appreciate and support conservation of priceless artifacts from days long gone by.

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6 Responses to Picture of the Day ~ Morača Monastery in Montenegro

  1. Montenegro is a country that really interests me. Hope to visit sometime. What European country did you both like best in your travels?


    • Kevin, there are so many amazing places in Europe, but three stand out for me: Prague in the Czech Republic, Bled in Slovenia, and Bruges in Belgium. Here are a couple of links about the first two with some details as to why we loved them.



      As for Bruges, we will be returning this July and I can’t wait. My memories go back to the early 1980’s and I am anxious to see if the love affair is still alive. Stay tuned!


      • I’ve been to Prague and Bruges, absolutely loved both. Bled I will have to add to my ‘to see’ list. Thanks for the links I’ll have a read. (I’ve been away from WordPress since April A-Z challenge ended, hence why I’m only catching up on your comments now). It’s time I started blogging again!

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  2. I love visiting monasteries. there is one in BArcelona and it’s up in the mountain. called monstserrat monastery. I’ve been in kotor , Montenegro before, is this monastery close to the place?


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