Tallinn, Estonia ~ A day of resurrection and renewal

Thursday May 15th ~ Tallinn, Estonia

Poor little guy in the back had to run to keep up

Poor little guy in the back had to run to keep up

Today was really a quiet day for us.  A morning city tour with our group which covered much of the same area that we had already seen on our hop-on, hop-off bus.  It was followed by a walking tour through Old Town Tallinn.  After a few minutes of walking, Tim decided he was too cold and wanted to return to the hotel.

I’ve come to the realization that it is not possible to see it all, do everything, and keep a frantic pace.  Sometimes it simply makes more sense to slow down, enjoy what we do see and experience and be very happy with whatever that may be.

Returning to the hotel turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me as upon entering the hotel I walked past a hair salon that happened to have an opening.


Vanity has gone out the window many times along this journey, but (I know it is hard to believe she says with tongue in cheek) my roots were showing and it was time to do something about it.  Two hours later I was nicely colored, a fresh haircut and feeling much better.

I followed up with a 15 minute fish pedicure.  The treatment was good, but I was not quite as happy with the results as I was in Thailand.  But hey, how in the world do you compare After all they are fish for pete sake.  The fish must not have been as hungry as they were in Thailand???

Later that afternoon Tim also got his hair cut.  We are both pleased with the results, and the price was very reasonable, and much less than we pay in the states.  My color, cut and blow dry was 50 Euros and Tim’s hair cut was 15 Euros.

One of the things we saw today, although not very photogenic, really does deserve a notice. It is the outdoor amphitheater where they have a song festival every five years.  The significance of singing here in Estonia is epic.  They managed to “sing themselves to freedom”.

The story can best be told in the movie, “The Singing Revolution”.  If you have the chance to see it, please do as it really helps you understand a lot of the history of this region.  You can watch the trailer to the movie by clicking here.  Or read a bit more about it here.

GRATITUDE MOMENT:  Today I am grateful for a wonderful afternoon at the hair salon.  I have to admit that was one of the things I was not sure how I would handle while on the road for this long.  Would the stylist be able to match my hair color, or would I walk out with a two-toned look?  Would the cut be OK, or would I look like I had put a bowl over my head?  Thankfully it ended up being easier than I had thought.

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Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our latest adventure. We hope you will join us!
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