Joan Miro, Barcelona Botanical Gardens, Olympic Stadium

Saturday, April 12th, Barcelona

Retracing our path up to Montjuic today to check out the Joan Miro Museum and the larger Barcelona Botanical Gardens.

Joan Miro Art Center

Bold colors, eccentric style and more interested in symbolism than realistic productions, he is another artist that takes some time to acquire a taste for.

Joan Miro was born in Barcelona in 1893 and lived to be 90 years old.  He experimented in a wide variety of artistic endeavors ranging from sculpture, drawing, painting, ceramics and weaving.  Here are a few examples of his work on display at the City Hall building and at the art center bearing his name.

Titled:  Man and woman in front of a pile of exrement

Titled: Man and woman in front of a pile of excrement

Titled:  Morning Star

Titled: Morning Star

Barcelona Botanical Gardens

Situated on Montjuic hill behind the Olympic stadium, the area has a history of neglect. In the 1940’s t0 1970’s this was home to a shanty town known as Can Valero.  Afterwards it was used as a landfill, and finally the current garden was opened in 1999.

Sadly, a feeling of neglect still permeated the gardens.  Overgrown and untended in many areas, I could not help but compare it to other botanical gardens I have visited and this one left me disappointed.

There was a redeeming factor though in the bonsai garden.  I especially enjoyed seeing an exceptional Chinese Wisteria as well as an Alberta White Spruce.

A couple other plants caught my eye.  I was familiar with the red bottle brush, but not the white version.  I also loved the Giant Fennel from the Canary Islands.

Giant fennel from Canary Islands

Giant fennel from Canary Islands

The Olympic stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies (Summer 1992) as well as many track and field events were help was right next door, so I snapped a quick shot as we passed by.

We had hoped to also see the MNAC museum inside the palace, but it was after 6:00 pm by the time we arrived and they were already closed.  I guess we will just have to see it the next time we are in Barcelona!

GRATITUDE MOMENT:  Today I am grateful for an unrushed schedule. It is nice to slow down and “smell the roses” or any other fragrant flower that crosses my path.


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