Getting around in Bangkok, slowly acclimating

We planned for today to be simply time to get adjusted to our new time zone.  After a 6 am buffet breakfast, we took a short nap, showered and then hit the street to check out the area around the hotel.

Rama 4 Road, Bangkok

Rama 4 Road, Bangkok

Both sides of the road were lined with street vendors selling a variety of trinkets, but mainly food carts with endless choices.  After our large breakfast we were not ready to dig in to street foods just yet.

Street Food

Street Food

We were in search of SIM cards for our iPhones so that we could use them here.  We had been told that we could get them at the local 7 Eleven stores, but after checking at two of them found out that they carry cards for iPhone 4 but not the 5 model yet.  Our hotel then suggested we go to a major department store shopping complex which would have an internet/phone store inside. The easiest way there was to take the metro or subway system.  Their system turned out to be clean and quite easy to use.  Getting on at the Lumphini station and a short 5 minute ride took us to our stop at the Si Lom station near the Silom shopping Complex.

Sure enough, we found an internet store and purchased SIM cards for both of our phones, had them installed and activated and now have a local Thai phone number.  The ease of swapping out the SIM card while traveling was one of the reasons we were sold on getting the iPhone 5 which comes unlocked.

Tim left his coat in the car in Los Angeles, so decided to see if he could pick up a lightweight jacket here.  He found a nice looking black one that he is thrilled with.  It is stylish, nice quality and only $38.  Feeling he got a great bargain.

We made contact with another couple from our tour group and plan on meeting up with them after dinner tonight for coffee and dessert.

Nothing too exciting to report so far from here.  Today was low-key and a gentle easing into our new environment.  We plan on an early evening tonight and should be ready to hit the ground running tomorrow.

About Tim and Joanne Joseph

Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our latest adventure. We hope you will join us!
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2 Responses to Getting around in Bangkok, slowly acclimating

  1. Brenda Thompson says:

    I like the slow pace of your day. Seems peaceful. New places, new friends, new tastes and sounds- fills the soul.


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