Visits from around the world

Taking the road less traveled

Taking the road less traveled

Writing a travel blog and sharing bits and pieces about our past, present and future travel plans has been a wonderful outlet. I am blown away by the amazing reach a simple travel blog can have. In just over 30 days, I have had visitors from 23 different countries! How cool is that???

For the past year, ever since we put our plan in motion to sell our home and get rid of the majority of our “things”, I have been eating, sleeping and dreaming about traveling.

I am almost constantly researching places where I want to go, reading other people’s blogs, looking for travel “deals”, watching the travel channel, studying how to take better pictures, reading about customs and proper etiquette where we have already booked trips, shopping for clothes that won’t wrinkle and will wash/dry quickly and daydreaming.

Our home has closed escrow and we have moved temporarily into our tiny cabin in the San Bernardino mountains. Our furniture and things have been donated, sold, given away, thrown away and a small amount put into storage at our shop.

And now the time is almost upon us to get on the road.

Our first International trip will be in November to Thailand for three weeks. In the meantime, we have a couple of domestic excursions planned. We leave in two days for a week in the Mammoth area. We have rented a house for seven days.  My “bestie” and her hubby will be joining us.

All four of us enjoy photography, nature and taking walks in the country, laughing and sharing new experiences.  We have traveled together several times and all have the same easy-going attitude and a healthy sense of adventure.

It is not always easy to travel with another couple/people, but we have been quite fortunate to have developed wonderful friendships with several other frequent travelers.  Having great friends share the experience just adds to the over-all enjoyment.

I will of course be posting a few favorite pictures and a bit of information of what we see and do in the Mammoth area.  I know that places here in the USA, are not technically “abroad” for us, but they are for others around the world.  Right???

So, where have the visitors to this blog come from? 

Here is a list of the countries and number of views so far…

United States 1,251
Guatemala 27
Israel 17
Hungary 15
Bulgaria 9
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 6
Finland 6
United Kingdom 5
Sweden 4
Cyprus 2
Republic of Korea 2
Russian Federation 1
Indonesia 1
Nigeria 1
Georgia 1
Germany 1
Australia 1
Canada 1
Ukraine 1
Romania 1
Latvia 1
Viet Nam 1
Saudi Arabia 1

I would love to get this list up to 50 countries by the end of the year.  Wish me luck!

About Tim and Joanne Joseph

Hi and welcome! We are Tim and Joanne Joseph and we have just embarked on our latest adventure. We hope you will join us!
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2 Responses to Visits from around the world

  1. Rose-Finnell, Linda says:

    Keep it up, Joanne! If we cannot travel with you and Tim, we can do the next best thing by following your blog ☺! Sorry we missed you in Illinois, but cannot wait to hear all about Thailand and the USA!
    Very best always,
    Linda and Paul


    • Linda and Paul, I am delighted that you will be “virtually” traveling along with us. We enjoyed both of your company so much on the trip to Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. I hope that our paths will cross again on another trip in the not too distant future. Hugs!


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