St John, New Brunswick ~ Bay of Fundy and Reversing Falls

October 11th

Bay of Fundy, Reversing Falls

The tours through the cruise line that included anything to the Bay of Fundy were already sold out by the time I got around to booking our excursions. Not to be deterred, I found a local company in St John that offered a similar itinerary, at a better price, so I jumped on it and made a booking for the two of us.

Then a day later I received an email from the tour company that the tour I had booked with them was no longer being offered. Bummer!  Continue reading

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Bar Harbor, Maine

October 10th

Signs on a building, downtown Bar Harbor

Three years ago we visited our friends Lise and Charlie at their family cabin just a few miles from where our ship docked. On that trip we explored Acadia National Park and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the natural beauty.  Continue reading

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The Salem Witch Hunt and Boston, Massachusetts

October 9th

The Salem Witch Museum

Mother Nature decided we had been having too much sunshine and decided to continue the downpour. We are such fair weather travelers, that although we do not melt, a rainy day puts a damper on our mood.

Our ship does not dock in Boston until close to 11:00, which means our daylight hours are cut short. Hopping on a full bus, we head out-of-town toward Salem. The main focus of the day is to learn more about the witch hunt, trials and the consequences that took place in this small town back in 1692.  Continue reading

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Newport, Rhode Island

October 8th

Coastline of Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the U.S. To put it in perspective, you could fit 165 Rhode Island’s in the state of Texas! The state motto is “Size doesn’t matter!”.  Continue reading

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Brooklyn ~ Our Fall Foliage Cruise Begins

October 7th

Joanne and Tim with New York Skyline

Our time in New York City came to an end and we made our way from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Brooklyn via Uber. The private car ran $39 plus tip.

We will be on the Regal Princess for seven days. Ports of call include Newport Rhode Island, Boston Massachusetts, Bar Harbor Maine, Saint John New Brunswick and Halifax Nova Scotia before returning to New York.  Continue reading

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New York City ~ The Metropolitan Museum of Art

October 6th

The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, aka The Met was originally opened in 1872. Seeded by an art collection owned by John Taylor Johnston, a railroad executive, they quickly outgrew their original location on 5th Avenue.

Today the enormous collection is located on the east side of Central Park and the holdings make up the third largest museum in the world. It is only outsized by #1: The Louvre in Paris and #2: the British Museum in London.  Continue reading

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New York City ~ Time Square, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Chrysler Building

October 5th

Theater District – 42nd Street

Apparently we are still on West Coast time and not getting out the door as early as we should. Oh well, I guess we are not really accountable to anyone and can come and go as we please. Kind of nice really.  Continue reading

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New York City ~ 9/11 Memorial and Museum

October 4th ~ 9/11 Memorial

The local neighborhood near our hotel

I was sound asleep when the phone rang. Hearing my Mother-in-Law’s voice on the end of the line brought me to a quick focus. “Turn on your TV” she instructed. An airplane had just struck the World Trade Center in New York City.

I’m betting that most of you can remember exactly where you were and what you were doing on September 11th, 2001.  Continue reading

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New York City ~ From Newark to Manhattan, Central Park and the Excelsior Hotel

October 3rd ~ We arrived!

Excelsior Hotel lobby

After a sleepless night, we were happy to have pre-arranged transportation from Newark airport to Manhattan. I found a company online with reasonable rates that would do the job. Through Go Airlink NYC you can book private or shared rides. The will pick up at all three of the major airports that service NYC and deliver you to your hotel. We opted for the shared van which cost us $21 each.   Continue reading

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New York City – A Preview of What’s to Come

October 2nd – Our New York City adventure begins

Cruising the sky at 30,000 feet, we are on a red-eye special on our way to New York City! Plenty of time to tilt the seat back, close my eyes and get a few hours of deep, refreshing sleep so I can hit the ground running.

HaHaHaHa my mind laughs at my already over-stimulated self. Sleep, good luck with that one…  Continue reading

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